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Amy Comander: I ran my 11th consecutive Boston Marathon!
Apr 23, 2024, 10:33

Amy Comander: I ran my 11th consecutive Boston Marathon!

Amy Comander, Director of Lifestyle Medicine at Mass General Cancer Center, shared on LinkedIn:

“Two days ago, I ran my 11th consecutive Boston Marathon!

What a memorable day! I am incredibly grateful for the immense support which made this day so meaningful. I ran this year to support the Ellie Fund and I am proud that thanks to the generosity of so many, I surpassed my $20K fundraising goal. These funds will provide individuals facing a diagnosis of breast cancer with access to key supportive care services.

I loved seeing my family, friends, work colleagues, and patients along the course. Thanks to all spectators and volunteers for being out there to support me and the other runners!

I ran this year to honor one of my dear patients, Lynne, who is living with a diagnosis of advanced breast cancer. Lynne is an inspiration to me and she sent me a motivating and very kind text the night before the race, since I was worried about my injured Achilles tendon acting up… She reminded me that I CAN do this and that I GET to do this!!! Lynne also had the most incredible (and adorable!) cheering squad out there- and I love that her niece’s sign said: ‘Dr. Comander. SLAY QUEEN!’

It was a super hot and sunny day- I was running with my dear friend and colleague Aparna Parikh, who was running her very first marathon ever- and sadly she fractured her right wrist just 2 weeks prior to the race. My intention during this race was to ensure that Aparna had a GREAT experience! She put up with my silly games that we played at each mile marker, and she finished STRONG!

‘Every mile out there is a gift and every finish line is a gift.’

Source: Amy Comander/LinkedIn

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