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June 2024
Yvonne Award Winners 2024 by OncoDaily
May 26, 2024, 06:54

Yvonne Award Winners 2024 by OncoDaily

We are excited to announce the esteemed winners of the Yvonne Award 2024 by OncoDaily, designed to recognize young innovators and leaders advancing cancer care.

Yvonne Award in the Breakthrough Research category
Vinod Balachandran
This award recognizes exceptional contributions that have the potential to transform cancer care and exemplify the strength and enduring impact of innovative research. Celebrating researchers who have pioneered significant discoveries and advancements in oncology, dramatically improving patient outcomes.

Yvonne Award in the Leadership category
Asya Agulnik
This award recognizes individuals who have exhibited exceptional leadership qualities in oncology. Recipients are commended for their visionary approach, guiding teams and institutions towards notable achievements in cancer treatment and care. The award celebrates their dedication, integrity, and significant contributions to advancing excellence in patient outcomes.

Yvonne Award in the Global Oncology category
Haimanot Kasahun Alemu
The award is granted to emerging leaders who have demonstrated exceptional talent and dedication in oncology on a global scale. Recipients are recognized for their substantial contributions to reducing disparities in cancer care worldwide, creating sustainable changes, and promoting equal access to treatments across communities.

Yvonne Award in the Challenging the Status Quo category
Pashtoon Kasi and  Erica Tsang
The award is presented to individuals who have courageously challenged conventional practices, introducing groundbreaking approaches that transform cancer care. This award celebrates resilient and innovative leaders who inspire change and foster advancements in oncology treatment and patient care.

Yvonne Award in the Voice of Oncology category
Vivek Subbiah
This is a special award presented to the most cited author by OncoDaily within the previous year. The award honors individuals who have significantly influenced oncology through their advocacy and contributions. This award recognizes those whose work is widely acknowledged and cited within the oncology community. Recipients are celebrated for raising awareness, shaping public opinion, and driving conversations that improve cancer care. Their voices catalyze change and progress in oncology.

Yvonne Award in the Community Oncology category
Foluke Sarimiye and Abeid Athman Omar
The award is granted to individuals who have made outstanding contributions to enhancing cancer care within their communities. Recipients are recognized for their tireless efforts in improving the quality of life and accessibility of treatments for patients, ensuring effective care is available to all segments of society.

Yvonne Award in the Mentorship category
Anna Spreafico and Maria Babak
This award honors mentors who have shown exceptional dedication and guidance in the field of oncology. Recipients are celebrated for profoundly influencing the careers and development of the next generation of oncology professionals, nurturing growth, and fostering leadership within the community.

The Yvonne Award by OncoDaily, symbolizing the strength and longevity of the yew tree, honors exceptional achievements in oncology with its unique Y-shaped sculpture that embodies resilience. Designed to recognize young innovators and leaders advancing cancer care, the Yvonne Award celebrates excellence and innovation in the field.

The Yvonne Award Nomination Committee for 2024 is composed of distinguished leaders in the field of oncology. Co-chaired by Lillian Siu and Giuseppe Curigliano, the committee members are Larry Norton, Lidia Schapira, Greg Kalemkerian, Leo Mascarenhas, Justin Stebbing, Piotr Wysocki, Liana Safaryan, Marina Konopleva, Dinesh Pendharkar, Maite Bourlon, Nazik Hammad, Aparna Parikh, Ghassan Abou-Alfa, Douglas Flora, Onyinye Balogun, Herbert Loong, and Miriam Mutebi.