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Vinay Suresh: It feels surreal to have published a paper on Deep Brain Stimulation
Jan 24, 2024, 17:34

Vinay Suresh: It feels surreal to have published a paper on Deep Brain Stimulation

Vinay Suresh, Founder of Research Peer Network, posted on LinkedIn:

“Glad to share some of my recent research updates:

1) Extremely elated to share the acceptance of our manuscript on Deep Brain Stimulation in Parkinson’s Disease: A Scientometric Analysis in the journal Frontiers in Systems Neuroscience (Impact factor 3.0).

It was a project that I had conceptualized and initiated about a year ago at Research Peer Network. I particularly enjoyed doing my first scientometric analysis, spending weeks developing an in-depth understanding of how the R Package works and how the data frames are manipulated/transformed to yield keyword clusters and networks.

In the end, we successfully managed to convince 7 reviewers in the field of neuroscience and the editor… in an intense peer review that lasted for about half a year!

Credits and congratulations to our team at RPN: Tirth Dave, Rahul Jena, Shankhaneel Ghosh, Vivek Sanker.

It feels surreal to have published a paper on Deep Brain Stimulation, in a journal filled with PhDs publishing serious neuroscience work, as an undergraduate, that too .. as a first author.

2) Two of our abstracts were published in the Journal of the Neurological Sciences (The official journal of the World Federation Of Neurology).Impact factor: 4.4. I presented these studies at the World Congress of Neurology, at Montreal, Canada.”

Congratulations to our team at Research Peer Network, consisting of Shankhaneel Ghosh and Yash Chandani.

3)Delighted to have our review on Neoplastic Meningitis due to breast cancer, published in the journal Expert Review of Neurotherapeutics (Impact factor 4.287). Had an interesting experience, guiding a team at Research Peer Network (Debankur Dey, Binish Javed, Neha Joe, Ritvika Kalidindi, Marium Khan) along with Mainak Bardhan. Thanks to Dr. Manmeet S. Ahluwalia sir, for his support.

To add to it, we are grateful for the media coverage of this article by OncoDaily.”

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Source: Vinay Suresh/LinkedIn