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100 Influential Celebrities in Oncology: The 2023 Edition – Part 2
Nov 11, 2023, 22:17

100 Influential Celebrities in Oncology: The 2023 Edition – Part 2

OncoDaily continues its esteemed series, “100 Influential Celebrities in Oncology: The 2023 Edition,” with part two of our journey to highlight individuals whose impact transcends their professional achievements, touching lives in the critical fight against cancer.

You can view the profiles of the nominees from the last week by checking out the link below:

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This week, we introduce ten more celebrities who leverage their status to foster hope, support, and advancement in oncology.

Queen Rania (Jordan) is not just royalty but also a beacon of humanitarian efforts, including significant contributions to cancer care and awareness in the Middle East. Her patronage of various health initiatives exemplifies her commitment to improving lives affected by cancer.

Angelina Jolie (USA), an Oscar-winning actress and humanitarian, has been a vocal advocate for cancer awareness, especially breast and ovarian cancer. Her candid sharing of her preventive double mastectomy has sparked global conversations about genetic risks and preventive healthcare.

Mohamed Salah (Egypt), renowned for his prowess on the soccer field, extends his influence into philanthropy, supporting cancer hospitals and advocating for children with cancer in Egypt, highlighting the importance of accessible healthcare.

Stromae (Belgium), the internationally acclaimed musician, has used his platform to support various cancer awareness campaigns. His artistry extends into a heartfelt dedication to causes that resonate with his global audience.

Paco Arango (Spain), a filmmaker, has dedicated much of his work to supporting children with cancer. His foundation, Aladina, provides critical support and brings joy to young patients, showcasing the healing power of laughter and positivity.

Konstantin Khabensky (Russia), a prominent actor in Russia, founded a charity that supports children with brain cancer. His efforts in raising funds and awareness have made a substantial impact in the lives of many families.

Yuvraj Singh (India), a cricketing legend, turned his personal battle with cancer into a crusade to help others. His foundation actively supports cancer awareness and aids those undergoing treatment, particularly young cancer patients.

Amancio Ortega (Spain), the founder of Inditex (owner of Zara, Bershka, Massimo Dutti, Pull&Bear, Stradivarius, etc.), is known for his substantial contributions to the healthcare sector, including donations to improve cancer treatment facilities and services, demonstrating a commitment to public health.

Reese Witherspoon (USA), an Academy Award-winning actress and producer, advocates for women’s health, including breast cancer awareness. Her influence in Hollywood is matched by her dedication to causes that affect women globally.

Marlo Thomas (USA), an actress and producer, has long been associated with St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital, founded by her father. Her tireless work has significantly advanced research and treatment for pediatric cancers.

These ten personalities from different corners of the world and varied fields show that the fight against cancer is a universal cause, transcending borders and professions. Their contributions range from advocacy and awareness to direct philanthropy and support of research, embodying the spirit of giving and the power of influence to effect real change.

Stay tuned as OncoDaily continues to spotlight the stories of those who are making a tangible impact in the world of oncology, reminding us that in the darkest of times, unity, compassion, and determination can bring about the brightest of changes.


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