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Douglas Flora: One of the best oncology educators out there
Jun 23, 2024, 11:28

Douglas Flora: One of the best oncology educators out there

Douglas Flora shared a post by Sanjay Juneja, Editorial Board Member at

“One of the best oncology educators out there.

A great explanation of cancer itself and more specifically how CAR-T therapies work. Keep these short form, instructional videos coming, Sanjay Juneja.

These practical instuctional analogies help a lot. I’ll use this approach teaching my own patients from now on.

This is a great way to teach patients and caretakers how Oncologists make decisions, and how our drugs work.

I especially love the call out for the importance of clinical trials as every important advance we’ve had has been because doctors and patients cared enough to enroll on trial.

Well done, buddy. Give Sanjay Juneja, a follow for more great content like this.”

Quoting Sanjay Juneja’s post:

“This is probably my most-proud video.

You likely have been hearing about CAR-T therapy.. this is how it works.

What’s wild is, outside of intra vascular delivery–i’ve recently learned it’s even being put into cerebrospinal fluid, the peritoneum, and other ‘spaces’ for a ‘targeted on targeted’ approach.

These are the clinical trials I get most excited about–because like immunotherapy, responses have shown to potentially be deep, and durable. aka, sky can be the limit.

I recently had a stage IV renal cell that after two years of metastatic disease, whittled down to controlled/minimal disease that now has just received their CAR T (referred out)!

Here’s to hoping for the sky.”

Source: Douglas Flora/LinkedIn and Sanjay Juneja/LinkedIn

Douglas Flora is the Executive Medical Director of Oncology Services at St. Elizabeth Healthcare, overseeing clinical operations, strategic planning, and the expansion of cancer programs. He is also the co-founder of the Center for Precision Medicine; Genomic Health.

As the Editor-in-Chief of ‘AI in Precision Oncology,’ the first peer-reviewed academic journal dedicated to this field, he plays a pivotal role in advancing research. He is also an active board member of the American Cancer Society and ACCC, where he contributes to advocacy, education, and innovation within the cancer community.