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Antonin Marchais: A publication full of hope for improving the management of osteosarcoma
Dec 30, 2023, 04:35

Antonin Marchais: A publication full of hope for improving the management of osteosarcoma

Antonin Marchais, Researcher and Leader of the Osteosarcoma Research Group at Gustave Roussy, shared on LinkedIn:

“Dear network,
We are proud to announce the publication of this work, which is full of hope for improving the management of patients suffering from osteosarcoma:
‘ctDNA quantification improves estimation of outcomes in patients with high grade osteosarcoma: a translational study from the OS2006 trial’.

In this study of 183 patients from the OS2006 trial (NCT00470223), we assess whether quantification of circulating tumor DNA using a simple blood test constitutes a new prognostic factor independent of current prognostic factors. We very much hope that the forthcoming independent validation of this result in the SARCOME13 cohort (NCT03643133) will lead to rapid improvements in patient management.

Many thanks for this work to Baptiste Audinot (Virtuose Bioinformatician), Dr. Damien Drubay, (Next Gen. Statistician) and the main instigator of liquid biopsies in paediatric oncology at Gustave Roussy, the brilliant Dr. Samuel Abbou.

We would like to thank Unicancer (Marta Jimenez, Celine Mahier), promoter of the OS2006 trial and essential supporter of our work. This work was supported and financed by the Ligue contre le cancer and La fondation Gustave Roussy.

We express our gratitude to the patients and their families. Join us in the FOSTER consortium to accelerate research into Osteosarcoma.

Several post-doctoral research positions are available in our team, contact me in PM. To make a donation. ”

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Source: Antonin Marchais/LinkedIn