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Oncothon: Childhood Cancer Care in India
Apr 23, 2024, 08:40

Oncothon: Childhood Cancer Care in India

Oncothon is a global telethon spanning 24 hours, dedicated to gathering donations for childhood cancer research. Prof. C S Pramesh is the Director of the Tata Memorial Hospital and the Professor and Head of Thoracic Surgery at the Tata Memorial Centre, Mumbai. H will introduce general aspects, keystones, and challenges of pediatric cancer care in India.


Dr. C S Pramesh serves as the Director of Tata Memorial Hospital and holds the position of Professor and Head of Thoracic Surgery at Tata Memorial Centre in Mumbai. Since 2020, he has been a member of the UICC Board of Directors. He leads the National Cancer Grid, a network of over 300 cancer centers in India, with a focus on establishing consistent cancer care standards nationwide. Additionally, he holds visiting professor at King’s College London and the National Cancer Center Graduate School of Cancer Science and Policy in Korea.

Dr. Pramesh’s clinical expertise lies in the treatment of esophageal and lung cancers, particularly in minimally invasive surgery. He is actively involved in numerous research initiatives, serving as Principal Investigator in various investigator-initiated studies, including randomized trials on cancer screening and treatment methods. His research interests encompass health services research, value-based care, access barriers, and cancer policy. He has written 300 peer-reviewed publications covering diverse topics within thoracic oncology, clinical research, translational research, and health disparities. 

With a focus on advancing clinical trial designs and collaborative research, Dr. Pramesh is dedicated to promoting training in clinical research methodologies, biostatistics, and scientific writing through various courses and initiatives.

The interviews of Penilla Gunther and Michael Maschan are featured elsewhere.


Shushan Hovsepyan, Dr. Shushan Hovsepyan is a pediatric oncologist and adjunct assistant professor at the Yerevan State Medical University, and a research coordinator at the Yolyan Hematology and Oncology center of Armenia.

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00:22 – Childhood cancer care in India


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