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David Lennard: Mental Health and Token Gating
May 16, 2024, 13:09

David Lennard: Mental Health and Token Gating

David Lennard, Multiple Myeloma Warrior and Photographer, shared a post on X/Twitter:

Mental Health and Token Gating:

Token gating NFT nature scenes, whether for display on a tv in a hospital room, a big screen in a rehab center, or VR goggles (where budgets permit) is a no brainer to me.

Here’s why:

In a flash your life can change, and before you know it, this could be your view.

This was indeed my view for around three months. There was a window which looked over a parking lot, but I couldn’t get out of bed anyway. It was a miserable experience.

It wasn’t until I began rehab and got back onto the land, that I truly recognized the healing powers of Mother Earth.

I’ve told many people over the last four years how I’d feel almost zero pain when I first started hiking again in Red Rock Country. I wouldn’t think about my mortality nor my cancer. However, it wasn’t until a while later that I discovered the science behind my observations.

The first study I’ve posted many times, because it’s good and an easy read. The second study is one I only recently became introduced to. It’s fairly complex, and demonstrates how the use of VR goggles with cancer patients reduced both stress and pain levels. This corroborates my experiences when out on the land.

Introducing token gating into the healthcare system will be a hard task due to the bureaucracy of it all, but I’d encourage anyone interested in improving the lives of patients to start a conversation with their network. If enough people talk about the potential, it will happen.”

David Lennard

Source: David Lennard/X