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May 2024
Jérôme Salomon: Advancing Universal Health Coverage and Non-Communicable Disease Prevention
Apr 14, 2024, 12:15

Jérôme Salomon: Advancing Universal Health Coverage and Non-Communicable Disease Prevention

Jérôme Salomon, Assistant Director General at World Health Organization, shared on LinkedIn:

”Within UCN division, UHC, CDs, NCDs and mental health.

The department is responsible for global leadership, coordination, development of normative work, technical products including guidance and guidelines as well as technical support to countries to reduce premature mortality and morbidity from NCDs, burden of sensory impairments, and oral health through prevention, early detection, screening treatment and integrated service delivery, surveillance, rehabilitation, monitoring, and research.

The Department also leads WHO’s work on disability as well as the DG Flagship Initiative on cervical cancer elimination. The work is being done through a PHC approach and through including NCDs and programs into UHC. The department provides overall coordination and brings together the work on NCD prevention, control and rehabilitation from across the departments and from the three levels of the organization. It coordinates reports to the WHO and UN governing bodies and is the main interlocutor on NCDs.

The department assists and supports regions and countries in their efforts to provide a country-centered, concerted and coordinated action to strengthen health systems to respond to NCDs, oral diseases and sensory impairment.

The department also ensures linkages between primary and secondary prevention using technical packages and harnessing innovation and use of technology including Be Healthy Be Mobile and through the Technical advisory group on Innovation and Research for NCDs.

The Department leads the work on NCDs in humanitarian crises and emergencies in close cooperation with the emergency division WHE.

The Department has the mandate to lead the preparatory process towards the 4th High level meeting on NCDs in September 2025 and is working to close the gaps in the NCDs agenda while informing Member States to set a vision for the next decades through the political Declaration.

A series of meetings and initiatives is leading up to this meeting: technical and Ministerial meeting in the SIDS countries with technical assistance, Global meeting on emergencies and NCDs, the second Dialogue on NCDs and Financing as well as programmatic global meeting on Oral health and CRD regional consultations will happen in 2024 and 2025.”

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Source: Jérôme Salomon/LinkedIn