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Nicholas Restifo: Advancing the Fight Against Lung Cancer with TIL Therapy
Apr 9, 2024, 05:02

Nicholas Restifo: Advancing the Fight Against Lung Cancer with TIL Therapy

Nicholas Restifo, Chief Scientist at Marble Therapeutics, shared a post on LinkedIn:

“Advancing the Fight Against Lung Cancer with TIL Therapy

The statistics are staggering: more people will succumb to lung cancer this year than could fill the largest stadium in the United States. Facing this grim reality is a harsh reminder of the limited treatment options available for these patients. Treating lung cancer with tumor-infiltrating lymphocytes has been a dream since we first started exploring the ability of lung cancers to process and present antigens for recognition by T cells (Restifo, et al, JEM, 1993).

A paper that came out yesterday takes a major step forward in the realization of those early dreams, providing a clear beacon of hope for patients with lung cancer. Recent advances in tumor infiltrating lymphocytes (TIL) therapy are showing new promise for solid tumors beyond melanoma, a most welcome development in oncology. A groundbreaking study published in Cancer Discovery led by Adam Schoenfeld is turning heads with its positive results.

The phase 2 multicenter study examined the impact of lifileucel (LN-145) on patients with metastatic non-small cell lung cancer (mNSCLC) who had previously progressed on immunotherapy. Lifileucel, an autologous TIL therapy, demonstrated a 21.4% response rate—even in patients with tumor characteristics typically unresponsive to immunotherapy.

While two patients sadly passed away due to treatment-emergent adverse events, lifileucel’s ability to induce responses in PD-L1–negative tumors and those with low mutational burdens is a testament to its potential as a life-extending option for patients with limited alternatives.

The dedication to innovation in cancer treatment brings us closer to turning the tide against this devastating disease. ”

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Source: Nicholas Restifo/LinkedIn