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Jayasree Iyer: Great to hear about the parliamentary debate on global health
Apr 8, 2024, 12:48

Jayasree Iyer: Great to hear about the parliamentary debate on global health

Jayasree Iyer, CEO of Access to Medicine Foundation, recently shared a post by Deputy Director International Affairs and Manager Global Affairs at the Dutch Ministry of Health, Welfare and Sport,

“Great to hear about the parliamentary debate on global health. There needs to be a priority on bridging health equity so innovations in new medicines reach patients globally, including women, children and other vulnerable populations usually left last in line for access. Preparing for the future threats in healthcare such as pandemics and drug resistant infections is also top priority for society. Read more on how the pharma industry can work with global health strategies of governments to enable better access in our work. And read a recent op-ed here.”


“Delighted to have been present today at the first parliamentary debate on the Dutch Global Health Strategy (2023-2030). MPs from 7 parties engaged in a lively exchange with our Minister of Medical Care and with the Minister of Foreign Trade and Development Cooperation. There was broad support for the strategy and for international cooperation as a means to strengthening health systems and access to good quality health care both in The Netherlands and abroad. The importance of a cross-sectoral approach, involving young people, promoting innovation and investing in prevention were underlined. Pandemic preparedness, equitable access to medicines, the health of women and girls and the negative impact of climate change on our health were key points raised.
We look forward to taking forward the implementation of the strategy and reporting back to the parliament later this year on progress.”

Source: Jayasree Iyer/LinkedIn and