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April 2024
Sebastian Schmidt: Lung cancer on the agenda of ECR – day 3 and 4
Feb 19, 2024, 13:57

Sebastian Schmidt: Lung cancer on the agenda of ECR – day 3 and 4

Sebastian Schmidt, Head of Strategy and Medical Affairs Computed Tomography at Siemens Healthineers, shared on LinkedIn:

“Lung cancer on the agenda of ECR – day 3 and 4

my agenda for day 3 and 4 of the ECR2024:

March 1st (Friday):

9:30 (room M) – pulmonary nodules, from detection to therapy: Arschang Valipour will speak about modern possibilities for bronchoscopic biopsies, Peter Beddy on transthoracic approaches and Carole Ridge will inform us about the current state of ablation therapies – are they ready for the prime time? And in which patients?

Also 9:30, in room E2 – Bram van Ginneken speaks about AI in lung cancer screening

14:00, room K2 – Eurosafe symposium on health effects of low-dose radiation. Radiation protection is highly relevant in lung cancer screening, considering that we use do to 30 consecutive chest CT scans on healthy people (annual, age 50-80, along the current US recommendations)

15:00, AI theatre: Discussion on quality assurance in AI tools with Kicky van Leeuwen, whose recent paper in radiology on the topic got much attention. While use of AI is almost mandatory in lung screening, quality of the available tools is an important topic, looking forward to learn more about quality assurance.

16:00 in room C: Annemiek Snoeckx, MD, PhD moderates a view into the future: Helmut Prosch, REVEL Marie-pierre and Robin Cornelissen speak about the future of lung cancer imaging in the era of molecular medicine

March 2nd – Saturday

14:00 in room C: Not lung cancer, but associated with it and always worth a refresher: Interstitial lung diseases. Speakers from the Open Source Imaging Consortium (OSIC)Helmut Prosch and Professor Sujal R Desai MD FRCP FRCR, Cornelia Schaefer-Prokop as a moderator!

16:00, online only: Helmut Prosch is interviewed about solace, the EU-funded inititative for lung cancer screening

16:00, research stage 4 – presentations on how screening and lung nodule detection, with several contributions from Asia – e.g. Yeun-Chung Chang from the group of Pan-Chyr Yang from Taiwan.

Source: Sebastian Schmidt / LinkedIn