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Jemma Arakelyan: Supervising and working with Ho-Jung Choe is a true blessing for me
Feb 14, 2024, 06:37

Jemma Arakelyan: Supervising and working with Ho-Jung Choe is a true blessing for me

Jemma Arakelyan, CEO of the Institute of Cancer and Crisis, shared a post by The Babak Lab on LinkedIn:

“Supervising and working with Ho-Jung Choe is a true blessing for me, an exceptional student with a brilliant mind and boundless creativity. Her unique ideas and innovative thinking bring a fresh perspective to our team. I am excited to see the incredible impact she will continue to make in her field!”

Quoting The Babak Lab’s post:

“My name is Ho-Jung Choe. I am from Korea and I am an undergraduate Chemistry student at the City University of Hong Kong and a member of The Babak Lab.

I have a strong passion for cancer biology and drug discovery. I have been working on anticancer drug discovery under the supervision of Jemma Arakelyan for the last two years, and I specialize in animal work.

I was also involved in the 2022 iGEM Competition. Our team, “SeCure,” supervised by Prof. Maria (Masha) Babak, won the 3rd prize at the competition in Paris. These unique and invaluable experiences have solidified my desire to delve deeper into these fields by pursuing a Master’s in Biotechnology.

Outside of my academic interests, my hobbies include gaming and drawing. I find that drawing, especially, allows for a deeply personal mode of emotional expression and stokes the fires of my creativity. Below you can see one of the comics that I designed for the educational purposes for our iGEM team.

Professionally, my ambition lies in the pharmaceutical industry. I aim to conduct research and enhance potential therapies that precisely target cancer cells with minimal effects on healthy tissue.

I sincerely hope to one day observe the therapies I’ve worked on in advance of clinical trials, bringing renewed hope and effective treatment options to patients.”

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Source: Jemma Arakelyan/LinkedIn and The Babak Lab/LinkedIn