December, 2023
December 2023
Ani Haykuni: My story isn’t about sadness or fear
Oct 21, 2023, 16:08

Ani Haykuni: My story isn’t about sadness or fear

Ani Haykuni, Founder and CEO of Vann, shared on LinkedIn:

“October is the breast cancer awareness month, and you probably know that I have lived through cancer twice, but don’t be scared. My story isn’t about sadness or fear regardless of the numerous things that I have been through so far. There has never been negativity, anger, or disappointment since the first day of my diagnosis. I have never asked “why me and not others’’, “what have I done to deserve the illness?” I have always been confident that things happen in our lives for a reason to help us shape the direction we are on.

My story has always been about belief, hope, love, support, light, new dreams, dedication and commitment. It has been about not giving up. Many years ago, I was reborn, and my passion for making a difference in the world and for finding the meaning of my life, my goals, the support of my family, my friends and the thousands of people from around the world has helped me transform my life into something even better and convert my experience with cancer into something beautiful and positive. The world that I want to create for all of us there is only trust, support, kindness and happiness. This is the world that I want to live in. This is what I believe in. This is what my work has been aimed at for a very long time, and that is why I have founded Vann, so that we create a safer future for all people affected by cancer and help find answers about this disease.

Stay well people!

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Source: Ani Haykuni/LinkedIn.