Vivek Subbiah: My perspectives of tumor agnostic drug development
18/10/2023 18:00

Vivek Subbiah: My perspectives of tumor agnostic drug development

Vivek Subbiah recently shared on LinkedIn:

“So honored to present the “Future of Tissue-Agnostic Precision Medicine” at the triple meeting – THE NCI-EORTC-AACR meeting.

Presented my perspectives of tumor agnostic drug development. What an amazing meeting organized in Boston by American Association for Cancer Research, National Cancer Institute (NCI) and EORTC – European Organisation for Research and Treatment of Cancer

Some of my thoughts here…

  • Every target is a pan target
  • Tumors don’t follow rules and are malignant snowflakes.
  • Every drug/every target should be explored in tumor agnostic setting
  • There is no undruggable target
  • Our patients cannot wait for trials to be done in every disease

Thanks to Targets23 organizers for placing this session in the Main Hall prime time.”

Source: Vivek Subbiah/LinkedIn

Vivek Subbiah is the Chief of Early-Phase Drug Development at the  Sarah Cannon Research Institute. He is the former Executive Director of Oncology Research at the MD Anderson Cancer Network and a former Associate Professor in the Department of Investigational Cancer Therapeutics at The University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center. Dr. Subbiah’s research interests include drug development in rare cancers, immunotherapy, and radiopharmaceuticals.