July, 2024
July 2024
Binaytara Foundation hosted Dr. Raquel Sanchez for the Global Health Speaker Series
Jul 7, 2024, 15:06

Binaytara Foundation hosted Dr. Raquel Sanchez for the Global Health Speaker Series

Raquel Sanchez, Founder and CEO of Raquel Sanchez Consulting, shared a post by

“I am impressed by how Binay Shah MD is leading this organization and his vision for building cancer care back in his community in Nepal. Grateful for the chance to connect with this group.”


Raquel Sanchez has spent the past two decades working towards bringing about equity in not only cancer care but healthcare overall. The Binaytara Foundation was lucky enough to host Dr. Sanchez this week as a part of our monthly Global Health Speaker Series.

She spoke about her time working her way up from a translator at Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center to the Associate VP of Research Administration at FRED HUTCHINSON CANCER RESEARCH. One of her significant ventures with Fred Hutch was as the Managing Director of Global Health, a partnership with the Uganda Cancer Institute overseeing the Fred Hutchinson Centre Research Institute of Uganda in order to enable the people of Uganda to treat everyone within their community. This and Dr. Sanchez’s other work are part of what inspired her to start her own consulting firm for Global Health Consulting called Raquel Sanchez Consulting LLC.

Dr. Sanchez is a recent graduate from the first cohort of the University of Washington Doctor of Global Health Leadership and Practice. She emphasized that leaving the workforce to go back for her PhD forced her to adjust to a different culture and was rightfully uncomfortable. However, to young professionals beginning their careers, she had this advice to offer: ‘If you are comfortable, get uncomfortable.’

Thank you Dr. Sanchez for all the work that you do and taking the time to share some of your many achievements with us, so we might remain informed and continue advancing equity in cancer care for all!”

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