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Kingsley Ndoh: How generative AI will revolutionize cancer care
Jul 6, 2024, 05:36

Kingsley Ndoh: How generative AI will revolutionize cancer care

Kingsley Ndoh, Founder and CEO of the Hurone AI, shared a post on LinkedIn:

“I had the privilege of speaking at the AWS summits this past few weeks in Los Angeles and Washington DC.

In Washington DC, I joined Dr Rowland Illing, Amazon Web Services (AWS) Chief Medical Officer, who led the panel, Dr. Adam Resnick from the University of Pennsylvania, Francisco J. A. from Genomics England, and Dr. Praveen Meka from Dana-Farber Cancer Institute on the ‘AI in Cancer’ panel at the AWS Summit.

We discussed how generative AI will revolutionize cancer care, enhance treatment selection, redefine the concept of rarity in medicine, and leverage multimodal data, including social determinants of health and genomics data, to truly personalize prevention and treatment for patients.

In addition, we emphasized the importance of collaborating with regulatory bodies to ensure patient safety while demonstrating efficacy, cost-effectiveness, and efficiency.

Also in DC, I joined Samantha Neilson MPH in an interactive session where we explored the transformative potential of generative AI for social impact and improving health outcomes.

In Los Angeles, I joined Kat Esser of AWS to discuss Hurone AI’s journey and the phenomenal impact we’ve made so far. I highlighted our strategic partnerships, particularly in Kenya, where we are transforming the cancer care landscape.

Our ongoing validation study with partners in public and private sectors highlights our commitment to culturally sensitive AI solutions.

At Hurone AI, we are unwavering in our goal to advance health equity while ensuring patient safety and building trust.

We are currently collaborating with leading academic cancer centers and researchers in the US, Brazil, and Africa to validate our output, driving us rapidly towards a future where personalized cancer care is accessible and equitable for all.”

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Source: Kingsley Ndoh/LinkedIn