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Maria F Navarro: Returning from ASCO24, I’m inspired by the future of cancer care
Jun 17, 2024, 18:26

Maria F Navarro: Returning from ASCO24, I’m inspired by the future of cancer care

Maria F Navarro, Regional Director of Latin America at City Cancer Challenge Foundation, shared on LinkedIn:

“Back from ASCO 2024: Empowered by Global Collaboration, Networking and Innovation in Cancer Care.

Returning from the ASCO2024 Annual Meeting, I’m inspired by the future of cancer care.

The theme, “The Art and Science of Cancer Care” by Lynn Schuchter was particularly significant for City Cancer Challenge highlighting our cities’ impactful work and learning from global colleagues about how these efforts translate into real tangible impact.

A few key takeaways include:

  • Global Partnerships: The C/Can technical partners meeting emphasized how cities are leveraging collaboration, attracting global leaders and organizations. Insights from Dr Mandy Sengar (TATA MEMORIAL HOSPITAL), Ophira Ginsburg (National Cancer Institute) and Richard Sullivan (King’s College London) about their collaboration with C/Can were particularly invigorating.
  • Innovative Treatments and Technologies: One of my favorite parts of ASCO is the Plenary Session, where scientists share breakthroughs in cancer care. Supporting local stakeholders in strengthening health systems and standardizing processes gives hope for access to these innovations.
  • Local Insights through Networking: Networking proved invaluable. Bringing together local stakeholders to share experiences with global experts resulted in great opportunities. Thanks to Vanessa Sarchet and Vanessa Eaton for attending C/Can’s Networking Coffee, and it was great to see Lucía Delgado, Higinia Cardenes and Nelson Mitsui among many others there.

As we expand our network of cities, attending ASCO Annual Meeting provides the opportunity to showcase, connect, learn, and explore better ways to support change in cancer care in low- and middle-income countries.

Grateful for the opportunity to engage with a passionate community, let’s keep innovating and collaborating to make quality cancer care accessible to all.”

Maria F Navarro

Source: Maria F Navarro/LinkedIn