May, 2024
May 2024
Douglas Flora: Congratulations to all the Unsung Heroes recognized by Cancer Family Care!
May 6, 2024, 14:39

Douglas Flora: Congratulations to all the Unsung Heroes recognized by Cancer Family Care!

Douglas Flora shared on LinkedIn:

“Congratulations to all the Unsung Heroes recognized by Cancer Family Care! It was an incredibly moving evening that not only honored healthcare professionals but also the dedicated caregivers and courageous patients.

It was great night out with many of our St. Elizabeth Healthcare cancer team members (6 tables of them?!) and our nominated patients, enjoying time together away from our usual settings.

It’s also the one night when all of our systems from the region come together, allowing me to reconnect with many wonderful physicians, nurses, friends at all of the systems in town, and former mentors from my time at the University of Cincinnati and OHC. We truly feel like part of one large cancer-fighting family on this special evening. want to sustain that sense of unity throughout the year. Our patients benefit greatly when we work together. Such events remind us of the strong community around us.

Another special night, thanks for putting this one in every year Jill Settlemyre, Anne Luecke, LOCAL 12, WKRC-TV and team.”

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Source: Douglas Flora/LinkedIn

Dr. Douglas Flora, MD, is a medical oncologist based in Edgewood, Kentucky, with over 24 years of dedicated service in the field. Graduating from the Ohio State University College of Medicine in 1999, Dr. Flora has since become a respected figure in oncology, affiliated with leading hospitals such as St. Elizabeth Healthcare Edgewood-Covington Hospitals and St. Elizabeth Fort Thomas Hospital.

With a background in hematology and medical oncology, Dr. Flora serves as the Chief of the Division of Medical Oncology and Hematology at the TriHealth Cancer Institute in Cincinnati, Ohio. He specializes in treating various cancers, including breast, lung, and gastrointestinal malignancies, utilizing innovative treatment approaches backed by clinical research.

Beyond patient care, Dr. Flora is dedicated to medical education, mentoring future oncologists and contributing to research initiatives aimed at improving patient outcomes. His commitment to excellence and compassionate care underscores his significant impact in the fight against cancer.