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May 2024
Kipp Weiskopf: Our work on macrophage immunotherapy
Apr 22, 2024, 13:35

Kipp Weiskopf: Our work on macrophage immunotherapy

Kipp Weiskopf, Valhalla Whitehead Fellow at Whitehead Institute and Co-Founder and Scientific Advisory Board Co-Chair at DEM Biopharma, shared a post by Whitehead Institute on their X/Twitter and added:

”Thanks for sharing our work on macrophage immunotherapy! We hope it makes a difference to patients with cancers bearing driver mutations!”

Quoting Whitehead Institute’s post:

A novel drug screen developed by Kipp Weiskopf  and the Hata lab at MGH identifies existing drugs that can help prime lung cancer cells for destruction by macrophages.”

Whitehead Institute/X

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Source: Kipp Weiskopf/X and Whitehead Institute/X

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