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Sarabjot Pabla: What an incredible opportunity it was to be part of AACR2024
Apr 16, 2024, 13:31

Sarabjot Pabla: What an incredible opportunity it was to be part of AACR2024

Sarabjot Pabla, shared on their LinkedIn:

”What an incredible opportunity it was to be part of AACR2024, delving into the forefront of cancer research and innovation. I’m thrilled to have had the chance to contribute to the conversation by presenting both a Spotlight Theater session on our novel CTAB biomarker and a poster on the TIGIT and PDL1 landscape in solid tumors.

In the Spotlight Theater, I had the privilege to shed light on the promising potential of CTAB biomarker, highlighting its significance in advancing precision oncology using comprehensive immune profiling. I shared the stage with Remond Fijneman, Mark Sausen and Taylor Jensen, who showed to the world our new MRD assay. It’s truly inspiring to witness the strides being made in this field, and I’m honored to have shared my insights with fellow researchers and industry leaders.

Additionally, presenting a poster on the TIGIT and PDL1 landscape provided a platform to explore the complexities of immune checkpoint pathways in solid tumors. Thanks to Kathleen S. for sharing her insights into the market of TIGIT therapies. The exchange of ideas and perspectives during discussions was invaluable, reinforcing the importance of collaborative efforts in advancing cancer immunotherapy, specifically TIGIT as an emerging target in immunotherapy.

I’m deeply grateful for the enriching discussions, connections made, and knowledge gained at AACR2024. It was amazing to meet old friends, collaborators, and to make so many new connections. Looking forward to continuing the momentum and driving impactful progress in the fight against cancer. Let’s keep pushing boundaries and making a difference together!”

Sarabjot Pabla

Source: Sarabjot Pabla/LinkedIn

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