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Isabelle Villadary: What is Faros De Vida?
Mar 7, 2024, 16:36

Isabelle Villadary: What is Faros De Vida?

Isabelle Villadary, Head of Childhood Cancer Program at Foundation S – The Sanofi Collective, shared on LinkedIn:

“What is Faros De Vida?
A Latin America Network of Childhood Cancer Survivors with 16 countries aiming to assess the current health status and information needs of children cancer survivors!

Yesterday, I was trilled to co-chair on behalf of Foundation S together with Guillermo Chantada, Scientific Director of Pérez Scremini Foundation a scientific and institutional event on Childhood Cancer Care in Latin America at Montevideo (Uruguay).

We were inspired by thoughts leaders who presented the impact of their initiatives. We saw the diversity of approaches needed to address various cultural backgrounds. We had also the chance to beneficiate from the voice and perspective of Alejandra Mendez, Vice President of Childhood Cancer International as well as the one from Liliana Vasquez from Pan American Health Organization.

The event illustrated how critical are local actions for a global impact such as the holistic approach incarnated by Angelica Samudio from Fundación Renaci.

We felt and experienced the “collectively, we are stronger”. Several projects demonstrated the power of regional collaboration. It was the case of G.A.L.O.P belonging to PARC program from International Society of Paediatric Oncology – SIOP that Milena Villarroel shared with us, as well as the Global Mapping of Latin American Pediatric Oncology capacities presented by Julia Challinor. Finally, TeLeo program from Sant Juan De Deu Hospital led by Claudia Sampor and Mariana Duranona from Argentina.

Warm thanks to Sanofi South Cone Team for your support. Namely Enrique García Olazábal. Garcia and Daniela Raposo.
Huge thanks to Guzmán Nión.

Source: Isabelle Villadary/LinkedIn