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25 Posts Not To Miss From ELCC 2024
Mar 25, 2024, 15:15

25 Posts Not To Miss From ELCC 2024

The European Lung Cancer Congress (ELCC 2024) took place in Prague, Czech Republic, from 20th to 23rd March 2024. Our team at OncoDaily has picked 25 posts from ELCC 2024 that you shouldn’t miss.

ESMO (European Society for Medical Oncology)

Europe cannot afford to wait any longer for Clean Air. Read the editorial by ESMO President Andres Cervantes to learn more about ESMO’s efforts to improve the quality of the air we breathe and decrease Cancer Mortality.


Antonio Calles (Spain)

The Heine H. Hansen Award 2024 belongs to Enriqueta Felip- a giant in thoracic oncology.


Giannis Mountzios (Greece)

A mind-blowing lecture with Solange Peters taking us on an amazing journey on the future of ADCs: 

  • B7-H3/4 ADCs
  • ADCs targeting 2 epitopes ( Bispecific or Biparatopic)  
  • Dual payloads  
  • Immunomodulatory  
  • Conditionally active
  • Biologics (pH)  
  • New linker type


Stephen V Liu (USA)

Thanks Charu Aggarwal for stopping by our poster! We looked at real-world post-progression outcomes in NSCLC after 1L immunotherapy. Importantly, we found half of patients had progressed or died within 6m. Only 40% received 2L and 16% received 3L therapy.


Julien Mazieres (France)

Very exciting perspectives regarding personalized cancer vaccines and cell therapy for NSCLC by Mark Awad. Hope our work here CRCT-Oncopole with AYYOUB LAB and Giulia Costanza Leonardi will help to set up new approaches.


Alfredo Addeo (Switzerland)

Dr Schuler is laying out a few possible biomarkers to immuno-oncology in early stage. Definitive a challenging talk. Is longitudinal ctDNA the winning one? How about functional PET-CT? How about PCR? Immune cell phenotyping.. great presentation and food for thoughts.

Antonio Calles (Spain)

Ami-chemo significantly prolonged TTD and TTST vs chemo as first-line treatment in EGFR exon 20 insertion-mutated advanced NSCLC. Also decreases risk of brain progression. Analysis of post progression endpoints from PAPILLON.


Jennifer C. King (Austria)

The International Association for the Study of Lung Cancer Staging and Prognostic Factors group presents the new TNM staging recommendations, starting now at ELCC24.

Giannis Mountzios (Greece)

Enlightening and insightful lecture by Dr Nan Yu on the use of bio markers/endpoints in NSCLC exemplifying the weak surrogate association between PFS and OS in IO trials and the complexity of PFS , comprising >5 endpoints!


Eric K. Singhi (USA)

Looking forward to amivantamab updates at ELCC24:  

  • Phase 3 MARIPOSA: 1L Amivantamab and lazertinib, impact of dose interruptions (#1001)
  • Phase 1 PALOMA: Infusion-related reactions with subcutaneous amivantamab (#839)
  • Phase 3 PAPILLON: 1L amivantamab and chemo, post-progression analyses (#844)  
  • Phase 3 MARIPOSA-2: 2L plus amivantamab and chemo, post-progression analyses (#833)

Mariana Brandao (Belgium)

Check our poster 107TiP on a phase 1, first-in-human trial on inhaled cisplatin to patients with advanced NSCLC, in combination with pembrolizumab with or without IV chemo. A collaboration between a spin-off biotech from the University of Brussels, Jules Bordet and other Belgian centres.


Charu Aggarwal (USA)

Thank you ESMO and IASLC for a chance to present on ctDNA driven Precision Oncology Trials in Lung Cancer alongside Dr. Leighl, Umberto Malapel and Tetsuya Mitsudomi.

Gerry Hanna (Ireland)

Breaking from ELCC (discounting a press release…). PACIFIC-2 is negative. No improvement with concurrent and adjuvant Durvalumab with chemo radiotherapy in stage III NSCLC.

Xiuning Le (USA)

A wonderful meeting ELCC24 with Thoracic Oncologists- Stephen V Liu, Misako Nagasaka, Alfredo Addeo, Lecia Sequist, Jack West, Herbert Loong and Viola Zhu. Work colleagues become friends, and now feels almost like family! Love my thoracic community.


Alona Zer (Israel)

Thank you Marco Tagliamento, Martin Reck, Daniel Tan and Michal Lotem for a wonderful session and for demonstrating how wide is the world of IO beyond PD1 blockade.


Giuseppe Viscardi (Italy)

Great news from Prague, ELCC24 ! Our work led by Roberto Ferrara on waning effect of EGFR TKIs in adjuvant setting won best poster award!


Noemi Reguart (Spain)

Dr C. Gay overviews future prospects of Small Cell Cancer: inter/intra transcriptional heterogeneity might require specific targeting approaches.


Rui Fu (China)

Enjoying the opportunity to exchange ideas with fellow researchers at ELCC24. Impressed by the excellent organization! Can’t wait to attend the next meetings hosted by IASLC and ESMO. Honored and delighted to meet and talk with Dr. Joe Chang, Dr. Nan Wu, Dr. Natasha Leighl, Dr. Paul van Schil, and Dr. Karen Kelly.
Jarushka Naidoo (Ireland)

Surgical outcomes of RATIONALE-315 (Neoadjuvant Tis plus chemo in resectable NSCLC):

  • 84% on tis arm had surgery
  • No unacceptable delays (all within 8 weeks), less pneumonectomy –
  • Nice data on no. of LN resected (12 and 13 in each arm).


Cecilia Pompili (UK)

Personalized care in lung cancer will not be possible without multidisciplinary team and collaboration between specialities as we have seen during ELCC24. Honored to be in this tumour board with Matthias Guckenberger, Luis Paz-Ares and Professor Zemanova.


Gerard Walls (Ireland)

A to Z of cardiac substructures from Kathryn Banfill to open the ESTRO RT session at ELCC24! Key messages:

  • Dose constraints outstanding
  • AI autocontours can help
  • Still in research phase
  • Individual patient factors are important too

The European Society for Medical Oncology (ESMO)

Read the interview by Enriqueta Felip where she discussed how the transformative effect of Precision Oncology is evolving from adjuvant to early-stage NSCLC with new opportunities for collaboration and multidisciplinary management.