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Sami Mansfield: New Insights on Exercise & Metastatic Breast Cancer
Apr 1, 2024, 00:34

Sami Mansfield: New Insights on Exercise & Metastatic Breast Cancer

Sami Mansfield, Founder of Cancer Wellness for Life, shared on LinkedIn:

“New Insights on Exercise & Metastatic Breast Cancer

Milan, Italy – Recent findings from the 14th European Breast Cancer Conference highlight the significant benefits of exercise for individuals with metastatic breast cancer:

– Pain & Fatigue Reduction: Participants experienced notable decreases in pain and fatigue levels.
– Quality of Life Improvement: An overall enhancement in quality of life was observed.
– Age-Specific Benefits: The most considerable improvements were seen in patients under 50, though all ages benefited.

Research Overview:
Conducted by Dr. Anouk Hiensch and team from the University Medical Center Utrecht, this study bridges the gap in research on exercise in advanced-stage cancer care.
The trial involved 357 patients across several countries, with half undergoing a nine-month exercise regimen.

Exercise Program Details:
Customized sessions focusing on resistance, aerobic, and balance exercises.
Weekly exercise guidance by specialized physiotherapists or exercise physiologists.
Daily activity encouragement, supported by activity trackers.

Findings & Recommendations:
Universal Benefit: Exercise should be integral to the treatment of all metastatic breast cancer patients, especially those experiencing pain.
Guidance for Older Patients: Adjustments may enhance benefits for older participants.
Professional Advice Encouraged: Consulting healthcare providers and trained exercise trainers is recommended.

Future Research:
Exploring the role of exercise in reducing inflammation and its impact on pain management.
A cost-effectiveness analysis is underway to advocate for the funding of exercise programs in cancer care.

Takeaway: Exercise is a critical component of care for metastatic breast cancer patients, promising enhanced quality of life and well-being across all ages.

Want to learn more about exercise and stage IV breast cancer, check out my discussion with Dr. Kristen Campbell about exercising with bone mets and the international recommendations from Living Beyond Breast Cancer, want more mets info? Make sure to get registered for the annual Thriving Together Mets Conference in Philly April 19th! Some amazing speakers including Maryam Lustberg Stacy Kennedy, and SO many more!”

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Source: Sami Mansfield/LinkedIn