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ASCO’s President’s Circle Advocates
Apr 18, 2024, 17:27

ASCO’s President’s Circle Advocates

ASCO recently announced their Advocacy Champions 2023, stating:

“ASCO members have many chances to speak up for cancer patients on both the federal and state stages. These opportunities range from grassroots efforts and direct advocacy to more influential actions like engaging with policymakers and representing ASCO in official settings. Additionally, members can support ASCO’s political action committee. We’re proud to acknowledge the ASCO volunteers who demonstrated exceptional advocacy for cancer care in 2023.

ASCO’s President’s Circle Advocates

ASCO recently honored a group of dedicated advocates known as the President’s Circle. These individuals, including R. Donald Harvey, Marilyn Heine, Jasmine Kamboj, Amanda Nizam, Sumanta Pal, Banu Symington, Mark Walshauser, and Robin Zon, have actively participated in four or more of ASCO’s advocacy activities. This includes engaging in the influential ACT Network and at least two meetings with lawmakers. Their commitment to shaping cancer care policies is commendable and serves as an inspiration for others in the field. ASCO applauds their dedication and looks forward to their continued efforts in advancing oncology care policies.”

Source: ASCO

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