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July 2024
Fabio Ynoe de Moraes: Big shift as physicians in 10 years
Jul 5, 2024, 04:40

Fabio Ynoe de Moraes: Big shift as physicians in 10 years

Fabio Ynoe de Moraes, Radiation Oncologist and Innovation Professor at Queen’s University, shared a post by Director of Education Program at on LinkedIn:

“Congratulations. It looked incredible. AI, LLM, and synthetic data will transform healthcare in ways most still find hard to believe. In 10 years from now, there will be a big shift in our roles and in what we do as physicians. I am so excited to live and work in this current era of paradigm shifts.”


“LLMs are increasing our cognition!

This week, the second edition of the 2024 season of The Future of Medicine had as an international speaker John Nosta, a renowned thinker in the field of technology, science, medicine, and innovation.
It was a spectacular event, with Nosta bringing new concepts and insights that made us reflect and look at innovation, especially LLMs, with different eyes. From what we already know, they get greater speed – a 40% reduction in time taken for writing tasks; quality – an 18% improvement in work quality; John draws our attention to personal satisfaction and joy by restructuring tasks towards creativity and engagement!

The Future of Medicine had its launch event in September last year, with Baroness Nicola Blackwood, CEO of England Genomics and member of the British Parliament, at the House of Lords. She brought practical experience and implementation in research and healthcare of the world’s largest program in genomics. This year, in the first edition of The Future we had British surgeon Mr Shafi Ahmed, a world-renowned futurist, innovator, and entrepreneur, who thrilled everyone with his pragmatic approach to technological innovation in medicine.

As curator of The Future, it has been a fantastic and rewarding experience to spend three days with each of these exceptional professionals, absorbing their knowledge, ways of thinking and getting to know them as a person.

The August edition will feature Prof. Dr. Gordon Guyatt, one of the great names in evidence-based medicine, and in October, Prof. Dr. Evelyn Bishof, a renowned researcher in the field of longevity.

Stay tuned.”

Jefferson G Fernandes

Source: Fabio Ynoe de Moraes/LinkedIn and /LinkedIn