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Canadian Cancer Society – Cancer Clinical Trials Forum in Ottawa
May 25, 2024, 08:32

Canadian Cancer Society – Cancer Clinical Trials Forum in Ottawa

Canadian Cancer Society shared a post on LinkedIn:

“On May 22 and 23, the Canadian Cancer Society had the pleasure of bringing together the cancer community for our Cancer Clinical Trials Forum in Ottawa. We welcomed experts and patient partners from coast to coast to coast to talk about how we can modernize our cancer clinical trials system to improve access to innovative therapies and make Canada a global leader.

We were fortunate to receive great advice from leaders on Parliament Hill and our healthcare system. Thank you to former federal Health Minister Jane Philpott and to Dr Supriya Sharma from Health Canada | Santé Canada for your advice on how to translate cancer research into policy action.

We also want to thank the leadership of the Parliamentary Cancer Caucus – co-chaired by MP Dan Albas and MP Peter Schiefke – for their ongoing efforts to raise cancer care issues on Parliament Hill.

Thank you, Dr Rebecca Auer and Dr Janet Dancey, for sharing your knowledge and guidance as co-chairs of our forum. And to everyone who came from across the country to share their expertise and lived experience, we’re beyond grateful for your participation.

This was just the first of a series of discussions about modernizing our clinical trials system. Our next step is to consolidate the meaningful discussions we had into a report that provides a clear set of recommendations on how we can achieve this.

To transform the clinical trials system in Canada, It Takes A Society – that’s why we’ll continue to work with experts, clinicians, patient partners, industry and healthcare stakeholders, and Parliamentarians to ensure our recommendations can turn into action that improves the lives of Canadians.”

Canadian Cancer Society

Source: Canadian Cancer Society/LinkedIn