May, 2024
May 2024
Tania Small: Celebrating innovation and health equity at the ACS Hope Lodge Bash
May 3, 2024, 00:30

Tania Small: Celebrating innovation and health equity at the ACS Hope Lodge Bash

Tania Small, Senior Vice President, Head of Medical Affairs at Bristol Myers Squibb, made the following post on LinkedIn

“Innovation cannot truly make a difference unless it is accompanied by ACCESS!

Last night, we had the honor of celebrating innovation, access and health equity at the American Cancer Society (ACS) Hope Lodge Bash!!

Hope Lodge stands as a beacon of hope, offering a FREE HOME away from home for individuals confronting cancer and their devoted caregivers. It was established to dismantle one of the most significant barriers to cancer care in our nation: the financial burden of travel and accommodation. Since its inception, Hope Lodge has provided solace to over 29,000 patients and caregivers across more than 30 communities. This achievement is nothing short of REMARKABLE!

Hope Lodge emerges as a vital lifeline for patients residing in regions devoid of access to cutting-edge treatments and clinical trials. Being present at such a pivotal event was a humbling experience, underscoring the urgency of addressing health disparities.

My deepest gratitude extends to the American Cancer Society for its unwavering commitment to confronting this profound health inequity and enriching the lives of countless individuals battling cancer. Their tireless efforts to expand and enhance Hope Lodge exemplify a profound dedication to action.

Let us collectively pledge to WALK the TALK and contribute our share in advancing equitable access for all!”

Tania Small Tania Small

Source: Tania Small/LinkedIn