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Chris Chukwunyere: Driving Collaboration for Enhanced Cancer Care in Abuja
Mar 24, 2024, 13:42

Chris Chukwunyere: Driving Collaboration for Enhanced Cancer Care in Abuja

Chris Chukwunyere, City Manager at City Cancer Challenge, Abuja, shared on LinkedIn:

“Driving Collaboration for Enhanced Cancer Care in Abuja

On Tuesday, 19th of March 2024, Abuja’s cancer care experts came together for the Stakeholders Mapping and Engagement Workshop co-hosted by City Cancer Challenge (C/Can) and the Federal Capital Territory Administration. This workshop brought together key institutions and players in the cancer care space in Abuja. And I must say that it was a huge success.

The objective was to foster collaboration, identify relevant stakeholder institutions, explore potential synergies among stakeholders, and collectively strategize for improved cancer care outcomes in Abuja. This workshop represented a crucial step in aligning efforts, understanding the landscape, and forging partnerships that will contribute to the enhancement of cancer care in Abuja, building on the proven success of C/Can’s global initiatives.

The success of this workshop with over 60 people in attendance, is a testament to the dedication and collaboration of our city stakeholders in striving to enhance access to quality cancer care through the C/Can initiative. This lays a solid foundation for the impactful work we aim to accomplish moving forward.

A heartfelt thank you to our esteemed consortium partners for their support from the beginning until now: the Federal Capital Territory Administration, Federal Ministry of Health, Medicaid Cancer Foundation, and Clinton Health Access Initiative.

Thank you to all the stakeholder institutions that were represented at the workshop. You played a pivotal role in achieving this significant milestone. Your contributions and active participation, both before and during the workshop, are truly inspiring and reinforces my confidence in the success of the C/Can initiative in Abuja. We will keep building upon this momentum.”

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Source: Chris Chukwunyere/LinkedIn