February, 2024
February 2024
Emily K. Drake: Prioritize reading outside of your area of expertise
Jan 11, 2024, 08:07

Emily K. Drake: Prioritize reading outside of your area of expertise

Emily K. Drake shared on LinkedIn,

“One of my top tips for grad students is to prioritize reading outside of your area of expertise. Step away from academic articles and read for pleasure! Read to develop other skills! Reading helps to broaden our horizons, situate our knowledge and in turn, develops our writing practice.

What books would you recommend?  What are you planning to read in 2024?”

Source: Emily K. Drake/LinkedIn

Emily K. Drake is a cancer researcher, co-founder of #AYACSM and adolescent & young adult cancer advocate. A social innovator, Emily co-founded Adolescent and Young Adult Cancer Societal Movement (#AYACSM) in 2013. This active, multi-disciplinary Twitter community, continues to grow and is changing the way stakeholders interact and share information regarding adolescents and young adults living with cancer on multiple social media channels. Emily currently lives in Halifax where she runs her own consulting business (EmilyDrake.ca) and is a PhD in Health candidate at Dalhousie University. She is a Killam Laureate, a Healthy Populations Institute scholar and a Beatrice Hunter Cancer Research Institute Cancer Research Training Program trainee. Prior to this she was working with Hope & Cope at the Jewish General Hospital/McGill University as the Director of their young adult cancer support program, which offered in person and digital support services.