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December 2023
30 Tweets Not To Miss From SIOP 2023 Congress
Oct 17, 2023, 01:36

30 Tweets Not To Miss From SIOP 2023 Congress

The 55th Annual Congress of the International Society of Paediatric Oncology (SIOP) took place from October 11th to October 14th 2023 in Ottawa, Canada. Our team at OncoDaily has collected 30 posts from SIOP 2023.

1. Venkatraman Radhakrishnan (India)

Pearls from Scott Howard for high-dose Methotrexate.

  1. Don’t give furosemide.
  2. Ensure urine PH is maintained at 7.
  3. If it drops to 6 then stop MTX, give bicarb and fluid bolus till PH 7.
  4. If patient vomits give bicarb and fluid bolus.
  5. MTX up to 80 gm given safely.

2. Nita Radhakrishnan (India)

Happy to discuss “Epidemiology and outcome of tuberculosis and childhood cancer in Asia and African regions” at International Society of Paediatric Oncology – SIOP 2023 at Ottawa, Canada. Tuberculosis continues to be a challenge to diagnose and treat in children with cancer from low and middle income countries that have a heavy infection burden in the community.

No alt text provided for this imagePhoto taken from Nita Radhakrishnan/LinkedIn

3. Reem Al-Saadi (UK)

Excellent session well chaired by Jennifer Geel and Asim Belgaumi of the best of the best posters from Low- and Middle-Income Countries. Despite the challenges they face, the oncologists do a tremendously great job to improve outcomes for their patients. Respect! The Iraq team:

ImagePhoto taken from Reem Al-Saadi/Twitter

4. Ashley Ball-Gamble (UK)

Very proud of the Children’s Cancer and Leukaemia Group’s amazing Chief Nurse, Jeanette Hawkins, presenting the UK nationwide quality improvement project through the NHS England Cancer Improvement Collaborative. She played a key leadership role in at SIOP 2023.

Jeanette’s passion and determination means children and young people now included in future Improvement Collaborative rounds where they otherwise wouldn’t be – including this years work underway on CYP with cancer and pre-existing conditions. And thanks Christiana (Children with Cancer UK) for the photo (and the chairs).

ImagePhoto taken from Ashley Ball-Gamble/Twitter

5. Pia Delano (Chile)

This was my SIOP this year. Lots of engagement with a wonderful community trying to improve the world of children with cancer by Rehabilitation and Physical Medicine. See you next year in Hawaii.

ImagePhoto taken from Pia Delano/Twitter

6. SIOP International

The importance of music! Why music play? Live from the Keynote session on “Building Resilience to Reduce Stress Among Children with Cancer and Their Families Through Music”.

ImagePhoto taken from SIOP International/Twitter

7. Adam Esbenshade (USA)

Outstanding abstract by SIOP Ambassador, Jennifer Geel from South Africa demonstrates that changes in hemoglobin and absolute lymphocyte count with other lab values predicts PET scan response in Hodgkin Lymphoma. In 84 patients yielded AUC of .89.


Fascinating abstract in SIOP award session. Showing how brain tumors impact the cognitive neural networks of survivors by Lina N. Al Dahhan from Toronto. Structural connectivity significantly impaired in brain tumors leading to processing speed loss.

ImagePhotos taken from Adam Esbenshade/Twitter

8. Venkatraman Radhakrishnan (India)

High Dose Methotrexate administered without serum monitoring by extending hydration, leucovorin rescue (6 doses) and serum creatinine (Deepak Bansal) Urine PH not monitored. 17% had increase in create by 1.25 times. No dialysis. Mortality 1% due to sepsis. Increase in leucovorin doses might increase relapses as per NOPHO study.

9.  Shruti Kakkar (India)

Tips for feeding a child at end of life care. Food is love and when we can’t feed lets try other ways.

ImagePhoto taken from Shruti Kakkar/Twitter

10. Sunil Bhat (India)

Glad to present our CART data from India from Narayana Health (Immuneel) at the prestigious SIOP Congress in Ottawa, Canada with Arun Anand. Many many years of hard work from many teams involved!


Photo taken from Sunil Bhat/Twitter

11. Pediatric Oncology International Network for Training and Education

For anyone that wants to learn how to do things properly then copy Jennifer Geel. Yesterday she was the SIOP congress Award Winner 2023 Global Health Network. Incredible work. Quoting Joyce Balagadde Kambugu, “Results from Africa to inform Africa.” But wait there’s more to this event.

  1. Before presenting, Jennifer Geel thanked the chairs for the opportunity (+ meant it)
  2. She complimented the people presenting before her (+ meant it)
  3. Slides were easy to follow, without loads of tiny text.

Great work and congratulations.

ImagePhoto taken Pediatric Oncology International Network for Training and Education/Twitter

12. Guillermo Chantada, President of the International Society of Paediatric Oncology – SIOP (Argentina)

It’s a long long way to Canada with my famous gray raincoat. Going to the World SIOP congress with my two favorite Canadian musicians in my playlist. A great SIOP 2023 ahead.

ImagePhoto taken from Guillermo Chantada/Twitter

13. Louise Guolla (Canada)

Advice from a father to young oncology professionals in Young SIOP’s Precision Medicine session: “Work hard, work smart, work fast. There’s a lot of children who need the work that you’re doing.” So grateful to hear their story; taking this advice to heart!

14. Young SIOP

Life is a journey, not a destination -Dr. Stephen Hunger

ImagePhoto taken from Young SIOP/Twitter

15. Dawn Pickering (Canada)

Impressed by her, not because she is a princess, but because she is the mama of a cancer survivor and an incredible advocate (Princess Dina Mired).

16. Reem Al-Saadi (UK)

74 countries working together on global initiative for childhood cancers! Packed room, overflow room and standing room only – sends out a big message on the importance of the issue “Cure for All“.

ImagePhoto taken from Reem Al-Saadi/Twitter

17. Joyce Balagadde Kambugu (Uganda)

SIOP Africa team Uganda is determined to up the game with our parents organizations. We will amplify the voice of the parents so that clinicians focus on what is really important rather what we think is important.

ImagePhoto taken from Joyce Balagadde Kambugu/Twitter

18. Christian Müller (Germany)

Sad. So sad. A study for Diffuse intrinsic pontine gliomas (DIPGs) which unfortunately had to be closed because of a lack of drug availability.

Photo taken from Christian Müller/Twitter

19. Daniel Ortiz-Morales (Mexico)

One of the most important advices from Stephen Hunger. Never forget the people you are Surrounded by.

ImagePhoto taken from Daniel Ortiz-Morales/Twitter

20. Ursula Sansom-Daly (Australia)

PhD student Sebastian Bon with nice qualitative data from the Pre-DICT trial.


  • Teens see benefit in the genetic info from routine germline sequencing
  • Prefer visual info
  • Have varied thoughts on decision-making!

ImagePhoto taken from Ursula Sansom-Daly/Twitter

21. Ahmed Kamal (Egypt)

We will be released tomorrow. Wait for the ambassadors tomorrow in the congress! Stay Tuned for further conference updates tomorrow! Some city before SIOP Congress.

ImagePhoto taken from Ahmed Kamal/Twitter

22. Andrada Turcas (Romania)

Probably the best view a conference coffee break ever offered.

ImagePhoto taken from Andrada Turcas/Twitter

23. Jeanette Hawkins (UK)

Thoroughly enjoyed the nursing sessions today at SIOP 2023. Brilliant idea to use “escape room” technique to deliver simulation based learning. Extremely well presented also by Brennan Holley. Also great Q.I. Workshop – same principles across nations.

ImagePhoto taken from Jeanette Hawkins/Twitter

24. Maria Kourti (Greece)

Inspiring keynote by Lee Dupuis at SIOP 2023. Her message:

  • “Be a supportive care champion.
  • Adapt high quality guidelines.
  • Don’t let perfection get in the way of incremental improvement!”

25. Marianne Aznar, Professor of Radiation Oncology Physics, University of Manchester

Timing matters! Important work on the impact of radiotherapy delays on survival for patients with Wilms tumours presented by Michelle Li and led by Dan Saunders

ImagePhoto taken from Marianne Aznar/Twitter

26. Jennifer Geel (South Africa)

Maite Gorostegui showing the gorgeous map of all Latin American and African paediatric oncology centers that we have data on. The World SIOP global mapping programme has really taken off.
Beautiful map showing all the centers that have been mapped in Latin America and Africa. Kathy Pritchard-Jones, Michael Sullivan , Saghir Khan and Maite Gorostegui
Photo taken from Jennifer Geel/Twitter
27. Michael Sullivan (Australia)

Cancer in children does not take a holiday, it knows no borders, nor natural disasters, nor take refuge and is not immune to conflict and disruption. Thinking of all those caring for children in these uncertain times.

28. Abu Sidhanee (UK)

A rousing but humbling SIOP Congress opening ceremony speech from Princess Dina Mired: “Our children don’t just deserve to survive, they deserve to live a quality life and thrive. Of course there is more to do for children with cancer, but we are on the right track”

ImagePhoto taken from Abu Sidhanee/Twitter

29. Adam Esbenshade (USA)

SIOP Low Grade glioma symposium debating the decision of when radiotherapy is needed. Mercent and Yock argue that early radiation is a definitive therapy while Bouffet and Hessissen argue toxicity impact often not worth it. Size of tumor matters.


ImagePhotos taken from Adam Esbenshade/Twitter

30. Angela Davey (UK)

Lucy SC Davies presenting a planning comparison study to reduce dose to dentofacial structures at SIOP Congress. An individualized approach is required, but contouring and use of dose constraints is necessary for dose reduction in Volumetric Modulated Arc Therapy (VMAT) planning.

ImagePhoto taken from Angela Davey/Twitter