December, 2023
December 2023
Ishwaria Subbiah: We dealt with the issue…without a single email
Oct 18, 2023, 17:43

Ishwaria Subbiah: We dealt with the issue…without a single email

Some X stories by Mike Feigin, Sarah Sammons and Ishwaria Subbiah.

“I have a story that is going to seem impossible to many, but is 100% true. A person came to me with a problem. I sent one (1) email. A policy was changed. The problem was solved. I am still reeling from this event and will take the rest of the week off.”

Source: Mike Feigin/X 

“Today the IRB was reviewing my trial within 3 weeks of submission. They had questions and asked me to join the review for 5 min so they did not have to defer it to Nov meeting. I joined. I answered their questions. It is IRB-approved. I too am reeling from the efficiency.”

Source: Sarah Sammons/X

“Today a team had a question for me about a request I submitted.

  • Get this — instead of an email, he stopped by my office. No appointments. Like actually physically popped his head across my open office doorway. Like it was 2019!
  • You kids these days won’t know what I’m talking about but there was a point in time when this impromptu f-2-f thing happened…all the time, when not everything was an email or a meeting.
  • We talked for ~7 minutes, mostly intros and Halloween plans, but then got to business.
  • To conclude, we dealt with the issue…without a single email!”  

Source: Ishwaria Subbiah/X