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July 2024
15 Posts You Should Not Miss From EHA 2024!
Jun 17, 2024, 07:05

15 Posts You Should Not Miss From EHA 2024!

The European Hematology Association (EHA) Hybrid Congress or EHA2024 will took place in Madrid, Spain from 13th to 16th June.

Our team at OncoDaily found 15 posts from this event that you should not miss!

Naveen Pemmaraju

Honored to present at EHA24 today the TRANSFORM-1 results from a randomized Phase 3 clinical trial. Ruxo plus Navitoclax frontline vs Ruxo plus placebo in a cohort of 252 patients, with a median follow-up of 20.3 months.

SVR35w24 observed at 63.2% for Navitoclax plus Ruxo vs 31.5% for Ruxo plus placebo to the primary endpoint met.


Toby Eyre

EHA24 LBA ECHO RCT 1L older MCL pts BR+R-maint +/- acala.

Trial affected by COVID19, particularly triplet arm mPFS 66.4 months vs 49.6 months HR 0.73 P=0.0160. With COVID19 censoring: mPFS NR vs 61.6m HR 0.65 P=0.0027.

Similar non-covid19 tox between arms New future 1L SoC option?


Deepti Radia

Presidential session: Presentation by Professor Claire Harrison sharing thoughts on current therapeutic landscape with MPN phenotypes with data?

Are we ready to modify MPN. Thought provoking: rethink end points.



CONGRESS EHA2024 | Naval Daver

MD Anderson Cancer Center presents findings of the phase III ENHANCE-3 study (NCT05079230) evaluating efficacy and safety of magrolimab (vs placebo) in combination with azacitidine and venetoclax in patients with previously untreated AML ineligible for IC (N=378).

Magrolimab, in comparison with placebo, led to:

  • longer mOS (10.7 vs 14.1 mo, respectively),
  • more deaths (44.4% vs 37.0%, respectively),
  • similar CR rate within 6 cycles of treatment (41.3% vs 46.0%, respectively), and
  • increased incidence of fatal AEs (19% vs 11.4%, respectively) and infections (11.1% vs 6.5%, respectively).

The study was stopped early due to crossing the prespecified futility boundary for OS.


Cristina Garcia Herce

Just attended a fantastic talk by Francesc Bosch on treatment sequencing in CLL. Updated data on Ven-based therapies post-BTKi and re-treatment with venetoclax-based regimens.


Kate Cwynarski

Fantastic EHA24 Educational session ‘Treatment of HL in older patients’. Remains challenging.

Highlighting impressive data from SWOG S1826 Nivo-AVD (better tolerated) and increased PFS ≥60 Years) cf Bv-AVD with Advanced Stage.

Excellent summary of data and update on other treatment approaches.


Prithviraj Bose

Important updates to MANIFEST 2 presented by Raajit Rampal at EHA24 beyond what was presented at ASH23.


Raul Cordoba

Very happy to provide mentorship to Young EHA members. Congrats for the great initiative!


Arthur Bobin

Proud to watch my boss Xavier Leleu presenting on behalf of IFM the result of the BENEFIT trial (IsaVRd vs IsaRd).


Ingrid Glimelius

Barbara Eichorst CLL overview, EHA24 time limited treatment

Start venetoclax obinotuzumab for all, add BTKi if TP53 mutation or del17p an option. Zanubrutinib better than ibrutinib. Non-covalent BTKi also inferior in TP53 mutation.

Komplex Karytope > 3 mutations, more aggressive.


Ajay Major

STARGLO EHA2024 plenary:

  • 274 patients, fixed duration treatment
  • superior mOS: 26 vs 13 months
  • R-GemOx only got med 4 cycles, glofi 11 cycles
  • more Gr5 AEs (infx) with glofi CAR still 1st choice for 2L, but great for post-CAR or limited CAR access.


Wei Ying Jen

Very grateful to be standing on the shoulders of giants.

Truly humbled to be mentored by such inspiring, generous and kind physicians: Tapan Kadia, Courtney DiNardo, Alex Bataller, Naval Daver, Naveen Pemmaraju, Nitin Jain, Hagop Kantarjian and Sanam Loghavi.


Talha Badar

Skoda: clonal evolution of MPN, pre-CHIP to CHIP to MPN

  1. concurrent mutation e.g. DNMT3A confer resistance to therapy
  2. pegIFN most efficient way to decrease mutation allelic burden in MPN
  3. pegIFN in combination with AZA may overcome concurrent resistant mutation in MPN


Callie Coombs

Probably highest uMRD rate I’ve seen for a CLL study/triplet safe though some dose reductions for neutropenia primarily.

Looking forward to longer follow up! Great work, Nitin Jain.


Raj Chakraborty

In BENEFIT trial, time to VGPR significantly shorter with Isa-VRD vs VRD! Important consideration in patients with myeloma cast nephropathy, where time is nephron! Bortezomib should remain an important component of treatment in those patients even in the CD38 era!