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20 Posts Not To Miss From SIOP Europe 2024!
May 21, 2024, 08:21

20 Posts Not To Miss From SIOP Europe 2024!

The 5th SIOP Europe Annual Meeting took place in Milan, Italy on 13-17 May 2024. This meeting brought together the diverse stakeholders involved in facing key issues for children and adolescents with cancer.

Our team at OncoDaily curated a list of posts from this event that you cannot miss!

SIOP Europe

Live from Project In The Spotlight session with ALADDIN. A multi-stakeholder Education Alliance to Accelerate Drug Development for Children and Adolescents with Cancer.

Special thank you to Emily Hall for the insightful presentation.

SIOP Europe

Gareth Veal

Looking forward to participating in the excellent scientific programme at the SIOP Europe meeting in the beautiful city of Milan this week.

SIOP Europe

Shushan Hovsepyan

Cisplatin – induced ototoxicity is a serious complication!

  • Irreversible,
  • Early event(1-2 course),
  • 40-70%,
  • <5 year higher risk.

STS as a solution?

SIOP Europe

Will Burchell

The final day of an intense but rewarding week in Milan for SIOP Europe 2024.

It has been great to catch up with members of the primary bone cancer community, hear the progress being made in Bone Cancer Research Trust funded research, and network with new contacts in the field of paediatric oncology.

My thanks to everyone who came by the BCRT stand to say hello or to pick up some of our literature.

Rutger Jan Nievelstein

Great to be at SIOP Europe 2024 in Milan, Italy. A real multidisciplinary meeting devoted to paediatric cancer, increasing my knowledge, enriching my network, and bringing new ideas for collaborative research in imaging and image-guided interventions.

SIOP Europe

SIOP Europe

Day 1 of SIOP Europe 2024 and we are kicking off the Project In The Spotlight sessions with the POLARIS project!

Special thank you to Carmelo Rizzari and Laura Rachele Bettini for delivering an insightful presentation.

SIOP Europe

Teresa Pais

European policy made simple. How to advocate for a better future for children with cancer.

SIOP Europe

Ashley Ball-Gamble

Whirlwind of a week in Milan for SIOP Europe 2024 covering a huge variety of topics (highlights include precision trials, emerging toxicities of new therapies, predisposition, exercise and sport (important), inequalities in care and research across Europe and loads more.

Plus important and useful networking (am coming away with a big to-do list) and time spent with friends and colleagues especially the UK funder gang (very busy ‘Milano Chums’ WhatsApp group for planning dinners!)

SIOP Europe

Anna Pouplier

Some rainy but enjoyable days in Milan at SIOP Europe 2024. I had the opportunity to present some of our experiences from the RePlay study on structuring physical activity interventions with active play for the youngest children during cancer treatment.

A take-home message is that familiarity, recognizability, and fun are key components.

Thank you to SIOP Europe, the European Society for Paediatric Oncology (SIOPE) and Peter Schmidt-Andersen and Sabine Verena Kesting for a great session on Pediatric Exercise Oncology.

The session also included a panel discussion and talks from great colleagues Francesca Rossi, Emma Verwaaijen, Salome Christen, and Sarah Grimshaw.

SIOP Europe

Salome Christen

It was a pleasure to listen to Gisela Michel, Martha Grootenhuis and Chiara Besani at this mornings psychosocial session at the SIOP Europe 2024 annual meeting!

SIOP Europe

Peter Schmidt-Andersen

Yesterday was a great day at work! Six years ago, I crossed paths with Nicolai, a teenager whose life had been suddenly disrupted by a cancer diagnosis.

Fast forward to today, almost four years post-treatment, Nicolai stood before a packed conference room at SIOP Europe 2024 annual meeting, bravely sharing his journey and honest opinion on doing exercise during childhood cancer treatment.

I had the privilege of co-chairing this pediatric exercise oncology session alongside Sabine Verena Kesting at the SIOP Europe 2024 meeting in Milan.

The session featured insightful talks from esteemed speakers Francesca Rossi, Emma Verwaaijen, Anna Pouplier, Sarah Grimshaw, and Salome Christen.

Additionally, we discussed gaps in implementing physical activity during the childhood cancer trajectory with valuable input from Adriana Balduzzi, Euginia Arjona, and, of course, Nicolai.

Sabine Verena Kesting, your efforts were crucial for making this session a success. Thank you!
Looking ahead, I’m eager to build on this experience and hopefully reconvene next year.

A heartfelt thank you to everyone who participated in the session at SIOP Europe 2024. It was, indeed, a great day at work.

SIOP Europe

Rutger Jan Nievelstein

Today, we had an inspiring joint operational meeting of the SIOP Europe Host Genome Imaging Working Group and Imaging Working Group at SIOP Europe 2024 in Milan, discussing the challenges and opportunities of surveillance imaging in paediatric cancer predisposition syndromes.

Many thanks to Nicolas Waespe for preparing and co-chairing this meeting with me. And thanks to all the attendees for a very informative and fruitful discussion.

The seed for joint guidelines and recommendations has been planted!

SIOP Europe

SIOP Europe

Live from Project In The Spotlight session with The SIOP Women Leaders in Paediatric Oncology who aim to promote female leadership in paediatric oncology. Special thank you to Sarah Cohen-Gogo for delivering an insightful presentation.

SIOP Europe

Julia Kirisits

Yesterday, I had the opportunity to give a talk about practice examples for CNS patients at the SIOP Europe 2024. I’m very happy about the vivid discussions on how to improve patient journeys, aftercare and QoL for youth cancer survivors.

SIOP Europe

Ashley Ball-Gamble

Two prestigious lifetime achievement awards less than a month apart! The somewhat spectacular Pam Kearns is going to need a new shelf! 

SIOP Europe

Katerina Karaindrou

I still remember the hope I felt every time Dr. Uta Dirksen walked in my hospital room during my time in treatment.

In moments of hardship she was always able to give me courage, and in moments of fear, the trust that she was fighting this illness with me, every step of the way.

Through her practice of oncology she has taught me so much about compassionate care and clinical research excellence.

What a beautiful thing it is, to now get to meet with Dr. Dirksen in big medical conferences instead of hospital rooms.

To discuss the iEURO Ewing trial design and EEC initiatives, instead of my PET scan results and increasing the GCSF dose. And the hope I feel remains the same!

Learning about novel therapeutic strategies in Ewing Sarcoma and ongoing clinical trials and the integration of ctDNA dynamics in some of them, gives me hope that the prognostic statistics of even advanced Ewing sarcoma could potentially start to shift.

I’m as inspired and determined as I’ve ever been to join this fight, understand the biology of these tumors, dive deeper into these potential target therapy approaches, and maybe one day impact a patient as meaningfully and as deeply as Dr. Dirksen has impacted me.

SIOP Europe

Eveliene Manten-Horst

Without AYA-data and AYA-patient involvement no structural innovation of care and education is possible. Scientific research and healthcare and education of HCPs are inextricably intertwined.

Keep up the good work Olga Husson Silvie Janssen, MSc Simone Hanebaum, Winette van der Graaf et al!

Christiana Ogunbote

A brilliant and busy week at SIOP Europe 2024! Looking forward to following up with the updates, research teams and collaborations with funders to continue to make much needed progress for children and young adults affected by cancer.

SIOP Europe

Rebekka Johanna Sabine Salzmann

I had the great pleasure of attending the SIOP Europe conference 2024, which was held in Milano. Thank you to all speakers and the organisers of SIOPE for the amazing congress with more than 150 sessions entirely dedicated to childhood cancer.

SIOP Europe

SIOP Europe

Time for some gratitude!  We would like to thank our amazing partners and sponsors for contributing to the success of SIOP Europe 2024. Together, we are driving progress and transforming the landscape of paediatric oncology.