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Ani Haykuni: Be the Inspiration you want to see in others
Mar 1, 2024, 17:18

Ani Haykuni: Be the Inspiration you want to see in others

Ani Haykuni, Founder and CEO of Vann, shared on LinkedIn:

“Sometimes life can seem quite difficult, and it is because life is a whole learning experience. That’s how it works. Things change, and it is up to us how we react to those changes or challenges. You can either learn from them and grow as a an individual or give up and stop pursuing your dreams and goals. Think about past events in your life, which seemed so negative back then, or you thought there was no solution to that situation. Whatever it was, it is in the past, you’re still here and reading this article. Everything eventually works out in its way.

Nothing is perfect, and that imperfection helps us learn to navigate through difficult situations. It is crucial to remind yourself of your dreams, your goals, and the mission that you are on. So, you have a choice to either get frustrated with the obstacles in your path or stay focused on the highest goal that has inspired you to follow your life’s path.

Whatever the circumstance, you should first try to find the source of your inspiration. You can be inspired by someone else or another company, or you can be the inspiration that you want to see in others.

I do reflect on my life journey occasionally and what I have lived through and what I have learned from it and, honestly, I get inspired by my own story as well as a reminder why I am here and where I should go.
The choice is always ours.”

Source: Ani Haykuni/LinkedIn