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Stacy Wentworth: Incredible achievement that inspired me to write about another transplant ‘first’
Apr 14, 2024, 10:52

Stacy Wentworth: Incredible achievement that inspired me to write about another transplant ‘first’

Stacy Wentworth, Consultant at Cancer Culture, shared a post by

“Congratulations to Mr. Slayman and the transplant team at Massachusetts General Hospital!

This incredible acheivement inspired me to write about another transplant ‘first.’

In 1964, famous breast cancer researcher Bernard Fisher performed the first kidney transplant in Pittsburgh at UPMC. The kidney, donated by the recipent’s wife, was functioning normally when the patient died almost 2 months later.

The path to scientific discovery is not always a straight line. Without Dr. Fisher‘s work in liver regeneration and transplant, perhaps we would not have had the groundbreaking procedure performed in Boston or the incredible history of cancer research coordinated by the NSABP Foundation Inc.

Read more about Dr. Fisher and his remarkable early career in this week’s Cancer Culture.

Congratulations again to the Mass General Transplant Center team and Mr. Slayman. I am rooting for all of you!”

Quoting ‘s post:

“The world’s first genetically edited pig kidney transplant into a living recipient was performed at Mass General last Saturday.

‘The success of this transplant is the culmination of efforts by thousands of scientists and physicians over several decades. We are privileged to have played a significant role in this milestone. Our hope is that this transplant approach will offer a lifeline to millions of patients worldwide who are suffering from kidney failure,’ said Tatsuo Kawai, MD, PhD, director of the Legorreta Center for Clinical Transplant Tolerance at the Mass General Transplant Center.

Learn more about the transplant process, the patient and this historic achievement in today’s press release.”

Source: Stacy Wentworth/LinkedIn and Massachusetts General Hospital/LinkedIn