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Gregg Margolis: Three things about health policy
Jun 17, 2024, 19:47

Gregg Margolis: Three things about health policy

Gregg Margolis shared a post on LinkedIn:               .

“If you can only read three things about health policy this week, I suggest:

Reuters: U.S. Healthcare Spending Rises To $4.8 Trillion In 2023, Outpacing GDP Healthcare spending in the U.S. is projected to have risen 7.5% in 2023 to $4.8 trillion, federal data showed on Wednesday, outpacing the projected annual gross domestic product growth rate of 6.1%.

Spending on Medicaid and private health insurance drove the growth, with the insured share of the population surging to a historic high of 93%, data from the U.S. Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) showed. (Aboulenein, 6/13)

The Wall Street Journal: Abortion-Pill Ruling And IVF Battle Highlight Vulnerability For GOP Reproductive-rights advocates saw some momentum during a dramatic week in which the Supreme Court maintained widespread access to abortion pills and Republicans were put on the defensive over whether they support in vitro fertilization.

The rapidly unfolding events came as abortion and fights over related issues such as IVF and contraception are expected to drive turnout in the 2024 election. President Biden has campaigned aggressively on a pledge to protect abortion following the 2022 Supreme Court ruling that eliminated the right to the procedure.

Former President Donald Trump has taken credit for appointing justices who joined that decision but has struggled to articulate a message and has warned fellow Republicans that the issue is perilous for them. (Lucey and Kusisto, 6/14)

The 19th: New Biden Administration Rule Would Ban Medical Debt From Credit Reports ‘Medical debt makes it more difficult for millions of Americans to be approved for a car loan, a home loan or a small business loan, all of which in turn makes it more difficult to just get by, much less get ahead, and that is simply not fair.

Especially when we know that people with medical debt are no less likely to repay a loan than those without medical debt,’ Vice President Kamala Harris said Tuesday. ‘No one should be denied access to economic opportunity simply because they experienced a medical emergency.'(Davis, 6/11)”

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Gregg Margolis, PhD, serves as the director of Health Policy Fellowships and Leadership Programs at the National Academy of Medicine (NAM). Previously, he held the position of Director of the Division of Health System Policy for the Office of the Assistant Secretary of Preparedness and Response at the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS).

Gregg Margolis specializes in health policy, leadership development, emergency medicine, and public health emergency preparedness and response.