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Sergio Cifuentes: Key Changes to My Oncology Practice from ASCO2024
Jun 17, 2024, 04:08

Sergio Cifuentes: Key Changes to My Oncology Practice from ASCO2024

Sergio Cifuentes, Cancer Research Project Manager at CENEIT México, shared a post on X:

“My 10 Key Changes to My Oncology Practice from ASCO2024,

  1. LA GEJ Adenocarcinoma:
    I will now treat patients with perioperative FLOT rather than preoperative CROSS.
  2. Stage III Melanoma:
    For patients with clinically involved lymph nodes, I will use neoadjuvant immunotherapy.
  3. Unresectable Stage III EGFR-Mutated NSCLC:
    I will use indefinite adjuvant osimertinib.
  4. Limited SCLC:
    I will be treated with a year of adjuvant Durvalumabafter CT-RT.
  5. ABC:
    For patients progressing on ET + iCDK4/6, I will consider adding abemaciclib to ET.
    postMONARCH: improvement in mPFS from 3.9 to 5.6 months. ORR were 23% with abemaciclib vs. 8% without (P = .0008)
  6. HR+ EBC with Low/Ultra-Low HER2:
    I will consider T-DXd for initial treatment.
    DB-06 study: T-DXd had an HR of 0.62 for PFS compared to chemotherapy, with mPFS of 13.2 months vs. 8.1 months. ORR was 56.5% vs. 32.2%.
  7. HR TNBC:
    I will add CBP to ATAX-based chemotherapy (AC-T).
    –PEARLY: significant increase in 5-year EFS with carbo (82.3% vs. 75.1%), with a hazard ratio of 0.67 (P = .012).
  8. Advanced ALK+ NSCLC:
    I will use Lorlatinib as first-line therapy.
    CROWN: 5-year PFS of 60% with lorlatinib vs. 8% with crizotinib, with a significantly longer time to intracranial progression.
  9. mCRC MSI-H/dMMR:
    I will offer NIVO ± IPI in a 1L setting.
    CM 8HW: NIVO + IPI showed a 79% reduction in the risk of disease progression or death compared to chemotherapy (HR 0.21 [95% CI 0.14–0.32]; P < 0.0001).
  10. Hot Flashes in Men on ADT for Prostate Cancer:
    I will try oxybutynin (OXY).
    Alliance A222001: a higher dose of OXY significantly reduced daily hot flash scores compared to placebo (P = .002).”

Source: Sergio Cifuentes/X