June, 2024
June 2024
Myeloma Paper of the Day, June 10th, suggested by Robert Orlowski
Jun 10, 2024, 15:38

Myeloma Paper of the Day, June 10th, suggested by Robert Orlowski

Robert Orlowski shared on X:

Myeloma Paper of the Day: MD Anderson Cancer Center study of outcomes after ASCT (Autologous Stem Cell Transplant) for newly diagnosed myeloma over three decades finds improvements in depth of response and long-term survival despite increasing patient age and comorbidity burden over this period.

Source: Robert Orlowski/X

Trends in Outcomes After Upfront Autologous Transplant for Multiple Myeloma over Three Decades

Authors: Oren Pasvolsky, Curtis Marcoux, Jianliang Dai, Denái R. Milton, Mark R. Tanner, Naureen Syed, Qaiser Bashir, Samer Srour, Neeraj Saini, Paul Lin, Jeremy Ramdial, Yago Nieto, Guilin Tang, Yosra Aljawai, Hans C. Lee, Mahmoud R Gaballa, Krina K. Patel, Partow Kebriaei, Sheeba K. Thomas, Robert Z. Orlowski, Elizabeth J. Shpall, Richard E. Champlin, and Muzaffar H. Qazilbash.

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Robert Orlowski holds multiple positions at The University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center, including Chairman, Ad Interim Director of Myeloma, and Professor of Medicine in the Departments of Lymphoma/Myeloma and Experimental Therapeutics within the Division of Cancer Medicine.

Additionally, he chairs the SWOG Barlogie/Salmon Myeloma Committee, which is part of the National Clinical Trials Network, dedicated to advancing new therapies and understanding the biology of myeloma.