July, 2024
July 2024
ASCO24 Abstracts of High Interest by ECOG-ACRIN
Jun 9, 2024, 13:12

ASCO24 Abstracts of High Interest by ECOG-ACRIN

During the 2024 American Society for Clinical Oncology (ASCO) Annual Meeting ECOG-ACRIN presented the following abstracts on different topics from oncology.

A prospective trial that enrolled only Black women. Seeking to not just describe disparities but to begin to understand and address them to improve equity in breast cancer care. One of the first trials to focus specifically on enrolling a minority population to assess drug-induced toxicity (rather than drug efficacy) where there are known disparate outcomes.


This type of cancer has a high mortality rate despite curative intent therapy. While immune checkpoint inhibition in combination with chemotherapy in the metastatic setting and as adjuvant monotherapy both confer survival benefits, this trial sought to clarify its role in combination with neoadjuvant chemoradiation.

Follow-up on a practice-changing approach using less radiation.

The first randomized trial for elderly patients with metastatic disease who are not candidates for standard therapy – A new approach in geriatric oncology. This trial will lead the way in the conduct of elderly-specific clinical trials regardless of cancer type.

A follow-on to the landmark E3805 (CHAARTED) trial that showed a significant survival benefit from early treatment with chemohormonal therapy (ADT+doxetaxel). This trial explored whether additional treatment with chemohormonal therapy will improve outcomes.

A promising artificial intelligence (AI) approach. The ArteraAI prostate test is the first of its kind to risk stratify patients with localized prostate cancer. This exploratory analysis aimed to validate the test for metastatic disease – It used a repository of digital histopathology images and clinical data from a previous trial.

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