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Billy Rosa: An honor to serve on the writing committee for The Lancet Breast Cancer Commission led by the incredible Charlotte Coles
Apr 18, 2024, 14:48

Billy Rosa: An honor to serve on the writing committee for The Lancet Breast Cancer Commission led by the incredible Charlotte Coles

Billy Rosa, Assistant Attending Behavioral Scientist at MSK Cancer Center, shared a post by The Lancet on X/Twitter:

The Lancet Breast Cancer Commission is a go! Please check out our recommendations to ensure equitable care for ALL and alleviate suffering for patients, their families, and communities. An honor to serve on the writing committee for this report led by the incredible Charlotte Coles.”

Quoting The Lancet’s post:

“Many people with breast cancer ‘systematically left behind’ due to inaction on inequities and hidden suffering, says new Lancet Commission.

Explore authors’ recommendations to address these urgent challenges in Breast Cancer.


At the end of 2020, 7.8 million women were alive having been diagnosed with breast cancer in the previous 5 years.

This reflects progress in research and cancer management that has led to a decrease of over 40% in breast cancer mortality in most high-income countries (HICs).

However, 685,000 women died from the disease in 2020, and glaring inequities and suffering are often hidden and inadequately addressed.

An example of unequal progress in breast cancer relates to patients with metastatic breast cancer (MBC). The no. of people living with MBC is unknown and many feel abandoned.

Read the Commission’s recommendations to facilitate optimal support for this patient population.


Hidden breast cancer costs and suffering can be:

– Financial
– Physical
– Psychological
– Emotional
– Social

All with impacts on patients, families, and wider society.

Many of the costs associated with breast cancer are not adequately measured, and new tools and metrics are required, says the Commission.

Women with breast cancer often report a sense of disempowerment after diagnosis.

The authors suggests better patient-health professional communication is a crucial intervention that can improve quality of life, body image, and adherence to therapy – with positive impacts on survival.

The Commission report outlines a roadmap for change focussed around 6 key areas in Breast Cancer, below.


Hear directly from the Commission report authors by…

Registering for the Commission launch today at 2pm UK time.

Watching this Lancet video.”

Source: Billy Rosa/X and The Lancet/X

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