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Daniel Stover: Tumor genomic testing (TGT) is standard for MBC patients
Dec 8, 2023, 17:32

Daniel Stover: Tumor genomic testing (TGT) is standard for MBC patients

Daniel Stover, the Director of Translational Breast Cancer Research at Ohio State University Comprehensive Cancer Center-James Cancer Hospital and Solove Research Institute, shared on X:

“Big news! Tumor genomic testing (TGT) is standard for MBC patients.

– We fail at *patient education* prior to TGT
– Patients deserve to be active partners in their care

Check it out + share!
– Freely available 3min video
– Paper

A brief thread

Ideal: ASCO, ACMG, ESMO guidelines all recommend patient education prior to TGT incl:
– Risks/benefits of testing
– Potential of incidental germline findings
– Potential for test to not impact care
See here.

Reality: Few patients get education!

We published a prospective decision analysis and showed that patients have:
– Variable general genomics knowledge
– Limited specific knowledge about TGT
– Knowledge demonstrated disparities by income, among others

We recognized that we need to do more!

To address this, we completed quality improvement effort to address patient education b/f genomic testing, published in: JCO Oncology Practice

Based on QI/QC data, patient focus groups, and guidelines, we developed a concise video for use in clinical practice.

In a prospective study, we have now evaluated this video in 150+ patients (NCT05215769).

Preprint here.
We found:
– significant improvement in video-related knowledge
– Improvement in key questions, incl impact of testing and insurance coverage,

We encourage patients and providers to view the 3min tumor-agnostic educational video for tumor genomic testing, share widely, and use in clinic if helpful! See also.

For those of you SABCSS, come check out our data at today’s poster session!

Thanks to all the partners and collaborators – Deloris Veney, Leigha Senter, Carolyn Presley, Tasleem Padamsee, Heather Hampel, Clara Lee and the many patients who participated in focus groups and feedback.”

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Source: Daniel Stover/X