November, 2023
November 2023
SANO trial: What do patients with esophagus cancer value?
18/10/2023 19:07

SANO trial: What do patients with esophagus cancer value?

Krishan Jethw, Nina Niu Sanford and Vinay Prasad shared some insights on the SANO trial on X/Twitter:

“SANO-trial!! Been waiting for this one! Patients with esophagus ACA with cCR after CRT randomized to active surveillance vs. esophagectomy. Non-inferior OS and improved QoL with AS approach! Looking forward to manuscript to unpack the details.”

Source: Krishan Jethwa/X

“What do patients with esophagus cancer value?

In this study (n=100), patients were willing to accept a 16% decrement in 5-year OS for an opportunity to undergo an active surveillance regimen after neoadjuvant chemoRT. Therefore, with SANO showing similar OS and better QOL with organ preservation (deets/confirmation pending presentation in a few days), active surveillance should be a standard of care for patients with esophagus cancer achieving a complete response to chemoradiotherapy.”

Source: Nina Niu Sanford/X

“Incredible study. Patients willing to accept 16% loss of survival (aka massive) to lower getting surgery by 66%. Honestly, having seen the surgeries, me too! The real lesson is patients care about BIG OS diffs and not the piddly (2 mo PFS/ OS) that FDA permits from pharma.”

Source: Vinay Prasad/X

SANO trial results are published as “Patients’ preferences for treatment after neoadjuvant chemoradiotherapy for oesophageal cancer” by B J NoordmanE W de Bekker-GrobP P L O CoeneE van der HarstS M LagardeJ ShapiroB P L WijnhovenJ J B van Lanschot.