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Rebecca Hunter: Great initiative by Rochelle Prosser ‘The Prosser Library of Oncolytics’
Jun 23, 2024, 05:08

Rebecca Hunter: Great initiative by Rochelle Prosser ‘The Prosser Library of Oncolytics’

Rebecca Hunter, Impact Tech Builder at CPO Orchid Healthcare Solutions, posted on LinkedIn:

“A year ago Rochelle G Prosser heard me talk on the micronutrients of concern crisis in low income areas, and Rochelle said, ‘Another woman who cares about science and the quality of life in this country. We should talk!’

Now Rochelle Prosser is a member of so many organizations and groups, including Cancer X Moonshot and ASCO, it seems her acronyms have acronyms. Rochelle has taught me what a true active community member looks like.

Rochelle is also a passionate advocate for the families of cancer, patients and survivors across the globe. During her decade of navigating treatment for her own beautiful child, Rochelle was a dedicated source of hope and light for everyone, and like so many moms, carries that pain and beauty.

And this is where my understanding ends, because what she did next is extraordinary.

She took that pain and said, ‘I don’t want another family to be told what we were, that we were out of options,’ so Rochelle created The Prosser Library of Oncolytics where you can find all cancer, treatments in one place – whether you are an oncologist, primary care doctor or patient. Rochelle built from her mind and pain one of the most equitable and vast cancer libraries in the world.

The action item here is to help. Help Rochelle build, hire her to speak, give her what she needs to help others, because she is a voice and leader the American healthcare system needs.

Rochelle didn’t ask to be the right person at the right time, but she is one of them, and that doesn’t come with all the answers. So sometimes we gather around people who stand for more than themselves, through outsized effort.

I am in Rochelle’s corner, and I hope to see you there!”

Source: Rebecca Hunter/LinkedIn