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Yemisi Osakwe: Empowering Precision Medicine, the Future of Cancer Care in Nigeria
Jun 14, 2024, 00:19

Yemisi Osakwe: Empowering Precision Medicine, the Future of Cancer Care in Nigeria

Yemisi Osakwe, Research Operations Advisor at Marcelle Ruth Cancer Center, shared a post on LinkedIn:

“Empowering Precision Medicine – the Future of Cancer Care in Nigeria!

Last week, I attended the National Symposium on ‘Cancer Genomics, Precision Oncology Care and Precision Community Health for Black Populations’, Nigeria’s National Strategic Cancer Control Plan.

As a Nigerian, I’m deeply motivated by the mission to achieve equitable access to healthcare, particularly in resource-poor settings. This symposium was an awe-inspiring experience, shedding light on the critical need for precision medicine and community health initiatives tailored to our unique genetic and societal contexts.

Leaders in cancer care, genomic research, and implementation science from across the country and the United State came together to build cross-border partnerships focussed on societal learning and growth healthcare globalization exemplified.

Engaging in public-private sector discussions has reinforced my commitment to driving change and innovation in our healthcare systems. Together, we can bridge the gap and ensure that every individual, regardless of their background, has access to the best possible care. Special thanks to Solomon Rotimi for the invitation.

Roundtable Presentations included:

  • Opening remarks by Usman Aliyu and Honourable Permanent Secretary, Federal Ministry of Health and Social Welfare, Daju Kachollom.
  •  Overview of the Milken Institute by Esther Krofah.
  •  Mayo Clinic Comprehensive Cancer Center by Cheryl Willman. The future of cancer care sits in the community.
  •  Introduction to Nigeria’s National Strategic Cancer Control Plan by Musa Ali-Gombe.
  • Reassessing Tumour Biology through the Lens of African Ancestry and Equity by Clayton Yates, Johns Hopkins Medicine.
  • Implementation Insights by Nwamaka Lasebikan.”


Yemisi Osakwe

Source: Yemisi Osakwe/LinkedIn