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June 2024
Roupen Odabashian: Why Machines or AI Can’t Replace Physicians
May 21, 2024, 03:53

Roupen Odabashian: Why Machines or AI Can’t Replace Physicians

Roupen Odabashian shared a post on LinkedIn:

”Why Machines or AI Can’t Replace Physicians?

Many people think that decision-making in medicine is binary.

Depending on what the patient experiences, we prescribe either A or B.

But in reality, it goes far beyond that. Medicine is a science based on intuition and experience more than numbers.

For example, yesterday I saw a 34-year-old patient diagnosed with breast cancer (yes, 34). She had a very unique disease. Her cancer, although it seemed to fit into the category of low risk, had markers pointing toward high risk.

In this patient’s case, we don’t have any evidence on how to treat her, given that patients like her are less likely to be enrolled in clinical trials.

At her age she had to make a decision between chemotherapy and hormonal therapy, in addition she had to decide if she wanted to preserve her fertility.

There is no machine or algorithm that can solve this patient’s case, given that it is non-binary. She needed to talk through her options for almost an hour in the clinic, and despite that, she wasn’t able to make a final decision.

This patient is not unique. There are many patients with situations for which no guidelines exist (and won’t exist) to guide treatment.

They need emotional support and discussion of their choices, something no machine can offer.”

Source: Roupen Odabashian/LinkedIn

Roupen Odabashian is an accomplished Internal Medicine Physician and Hematology/Oncology Fellow with a profound commitment to advancing healthcare through clinical practice, research, and technology. Currently based at the prestigious Karmanos Cancer Institute, Dr. Odabashian is actively involved in pioneering cancer treatments and conducting clinical research.

In addition to his clinical work, Dr. Odabashian is a multifaceted healthcare professional. He hosts podcast at OncoDaily, engaging with leading experts in oncology to share valuable insights with the medical community. Dr. Odabashian also contributes his expertise as an advisor at Spiraldot Health and Mesh AI, supporting innovative ventures in healthcare technology and collaborative scheduling to combat clinician burnout. With his diverse roles and unwavering dedication, Dr. Odabashian exemplifies a commitment to driving positive change in healthcare.