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June 2024
Sally Wolf: There is a third lane between cured and terminal
May 4, 2024, 17:31

Sally Wolf: There is a third lane between cured and terminal

Sally Wolf, CEO and Founder of LightWorks, shared on LinkedIn:

”My MBC diagnosis initially terrified me. What would life be like with an incurable cancer? Six years later, I’ve learned it can truly be incredible:

There is a third lane between cured and terminal.

A lane in which an increasing number of us are:

  • experiencing meaningful post-traumatic growth
  • feeling ourselves thriving in addition to surviving
  • living lives we never imagined probable at diagnosis

As with most challenges, heartbreak and hope can coexist.

But hope is harder to access when you can’t see it. And a huge part of what terrified me when diagnosed was every breast cancer story seemed to focus on curability.

Representation matters everywhere – including Cancerland.

Deeply grateful to Oprah Daily for sharing my story and helping elevate understanding about metastatic breast cancer.

I consider myself healthy on cancer medicine, and I still get regular scans to ensure all remains well in my body. And: we still need to do better; the median survival remains far too short (I have already surpassed it) and it still claims far too many lives (42K in the US annually).

Please consider reposting or sharing this article privately to help amplify; Stage IV needs much more and each of us can help elevate that conversation.

With much gratitude, Sally.

Sally Wolf

Source: Sally Wolf/LinkedIn