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Libia Scheller: So honored to be part of this year’s celebration of eMerge Americas
Apr 25, 2024, 21:28

Libia Scheller: So honored to be part of this year’s celebration of eMerge Americas

Libia Scheller, 

“Happy 10th Anniversary to eMerge Americas! So honored to be part of this year’s celebration and meet up with many friends, colleagues, and to see the wonderful innovation featured at this year’s conference.

The 2024 eMerge Americas conference in Miami brought together a diverse range of technology leaders, entrepreneurs, and innovators to discuss the latest trends in technology, business, and entrepreneurship. The event, known for its focus on connecting the Americas’ tech ecosystem, showcased a variety of cutting-edge technologies, including artificial intelligence, blockchain, cybersecurity, and fintech.

Keynote speakers included prominent tech executives, startup founders, and venture capitalists who shared their insights on the future of technology and the evolving business landscape.

Attendees were treated to a series of panel discussions, workshops, and networking sessions designed to foster collaboration and innovation.

One of the highlights was the startup showcase, where emerging companies presented their innovations to a panel of investors and industry experts. This segment provided a platform for new entrepreneurs to gain exposure and connect with potential investors. Several startups secured funding deals during the event, underscoring the conference’s impact on the tech startup ecosystem.

The conference also featured a dedicated space for exploring the intersection of technology and art, with immersive exhibits demonstrating the creative potential of emerging technologies. This section attracted a wide audience and emphasized the broader cultural implications of technology.

Overall, eMerge Americas 2024 in Miami was a vibrant and dynamic event that highlighted the region’s growing influence in the tech industry. The conference successfully fostered connections among key players in the tech world, offering a glimpse into the future of innovation and entrepreneurship.”

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Source: Libia Scheller/LinkedIn

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