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Ashley Love Sumrall: Ways to get involved in ASCO Advocacy
Apr 17, 2024, 14:37

Ashley Love Sumrall: Ways to get involved in ASCO Advocacy

Ashley Love Sumrall shared on X/Twitter:

“Writing lawmakers,
Getting involved with ASCO’s non-partisan PAC,
Meeting with lawmakers in their district offices,
Attending the ASCO Advocacy Summit in D.C.

What do these things have in common? They are ALL ways to get involved in ASCO Advocacy. Let’s make it happen!!

Policymakers’ decisions DIRECTLY affect our patients and research that drives cancer treatment. Personal stories move lawmakers, so as oncologists, we are uniquely qualified to communicate with Congress about ways to provide the highest quality cancer care. Inside a meeting with NC.


Adding YOUR voice can have a real impact on cancer care. I dabbled in local advocacy for years, then jumped into national advocacy in 2017 via a council of physicians working on policy with Pete Sessions.
It was my 1st trip to walk the halls of Congress. Intimidating, but fun.

After participating in ASCO’s incredible leadership program, my interest in volunteerism and advocacy grew. In fact, our LDP team’s project was based on volunteerism in ASCO. I headed to DC with our team and realized that cancer focused advocacy was my favorite area.

Next up was my 1st ASCO Advocacy Summit in 2019. Not only was this very rewarding work… it was SO fun to connect with oncology friends from all over the US, such as Merry-Jennifer Markham and Julia Close. I learned so much that year, and keep adding to that yearly!

Last year’s advocacy summit was one for the books! We had FIFTY states represented, and our impact was big.

Want to get involved? ASCO Advocacy makes it easy by offering multiple ways to engage with policymakers and educate them on ASCO’s advocacy priorities. Visit ASCO’s Advocacy Center to get started TODAY!!”

Source: Ashley Love Sumrall/X

Ashley Love Sumrall is the Section Chief of Neuro-Oncology and Associate Professor at the Atrium Health Levine Cancer, Charlotte, NC, USA. She is the Founder and President of the Charlotte Cancer Coalition, member of the ASCO Volunteer Corps. Dr. Sumrall received 2019 APEX Award for Publication Excellence in the category of Social Media – Best Single Blog Post. She is a Fellow of the American Society of Clinical Oncology (FASCO), recipient of the Levine Cancer Institute President’s Award.

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