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The Oscar goes to EV-pembro in metastatic bladder cancer! – Tumor Board Tuesday
Mar 12, 2024, 00:16

The Oscar goes to EV-pembro in metastatic bladder cancer! – Tumor Board Tuesday

Tumor Board Tuesday published the following post on X:

“The Oscar goes to EV-pembro in metastatic bladder cancer!

Look for Tumor Board Tuesday case wrap-up: this week, Rafee Talukder & Petros Grivas discussed adjuvant IO & new approach to unresectable MIBC.

Scroll for the first-hand account of new strategies being used in clinic now!

TumorBoardTuesday Case:

– Adjuvant IO (niov, CM-274) = standard of care in high risk.
– Several options in 1L mUC/recurrent UC. How to choose between EV-P, gem/cis/nivo (new approval), platinum -> IO? Keep reading!

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Enfortumab-vedotin (nectin 4 ADC) + pembro = dramatic improvement in PFS and OS in metastatic bladder cancer. But is this the right regimen for all?

Petros Grivas & Rafee Talukder discuss how patient-specific factors, AEs, influence decision-making.

With the advent of EV-P as a preferred treatment for many with metastatic bladder cancer, we need to engage in shared decision-making and be upfront about toxicities and what to expect:

– Neuropathy: most patients will eventually need dose adjustment.
– Skin rash.

How might ctDNA guide treatment de-escalation/select for patients who are likely to benefit from adjuvant IO and spare toxicity for others? How can we as clinicians better partner with patients? Bladder Cancer Advocacy Network, Petros Grivas & Rafee Talukder discuss.

– Nivo adjuvant treatment in high-risk MIBC.
– Ongoing trials with ctDNA: can we better select patients who need adjuvant treatment?
– Metastatic disease, EV-P = great benefit – but shared decision-making always needed. Alternate regimens available. Tailor to the patient always!

Original thread.

Increased options in urothelial cancer. Need to ensure that partnership between patient & physician is strong to deliver best outcomes.

This Tuesday, March 12, Eleonora Teplinsky & Lindsey McAlarnen will teach us about emerging therapies in cervical cancer!”

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